K2 Mindbender 130 BOA

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The BOA skeptics on our test team were doubly concerned about the Mindbender 130 BOA--two of them thangs? And while the BOA system on the compliant liner made entry and exit a challenge and the lower shell BOA offered a new closure hurdle, that was where our teams doubts remained, squarely in the rearview mirror as testers got in, got buckled up and went skiing along their merry way. And that, in a nutshell, was the resounding praise-laden consensus--this boot skis really well.

Yes, they said the fit was on target too, especially for the thicker-than-average medium-width foot and leg, and testers liked how the combination of liner BOA and shell BOA worked in concert to fine-tune an already well-engineered fit map. Testers mentioned that the BOA is easily over-done as the closure cranking power was enough to shut down blood flow and crimp nerve paths on the top of the foot, but with one click at a time micro-adjustment they were able to sort out where things needed to be for an ideal mix of containment, sensation and warmth. They said the best way to find that perfect fit tension was to not overthink it--rather than worry about how many clicks or where on a visual indicator was the spot, testers recommend simply going by feel. Backing off tension with a couple clicks instead of popping the reel completely loose made for a quicker return to ski snugness when needed, they said.

Testers liked the stance all the way around, though the skinny-legged felt a bit upright. Rather than visits to the gym to bulk up their calf muscles, they suggested that they'd just utilize the new forward lean adjustment integrated into the revised cuff release lever assembly. They said that laterally the boot was quick and strong--well balanced for all-mountain skiing regardless of sliding tool, and it was equally happy to remain on-area for chair assisted descents or out and about on short- to medium-length tours. A backcountry specialist it is not, they said, but of the alpine-power descenders tested, they say the Mindbender's quality and range of stride is one of the very best available.

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  • “I liked the soft, well-padded and contoured liner and the boot skied well everywhere. The liner BOA made it difficult to get on but the BOA closure system was nice--both in the lower shell and the liner. No real complaints here--good boot.” -- Mark Elling
  • “Hugs the foot and lower leg nicely. BOA system works great for a wider, low-arch foot like mine. The BOA liner does its job of retaining the lower leg and keeping the ankle in place. Excellent hybrid boot--does its job well, both on- and off-trail. ” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “Double BOA system is unique--one on liner and another on the shell. Intimate rearfoot control with an open shape in the forefoot--the entire foot is well secured. Strong lateral control and response. A state-of-the-art boot for on-piste and off the back. ” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Skied well for how comfy it is. It isn't a race boot but will be good enough for most people. Walk mode worked well.” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “The BOA definitely fine-tunes the fit, especially the liner BOA--does well for snuggin' up the upper cuff.” -- Erik Korman
  • “Very light, springy, cushy but not powerful or aggressive in any way. Lighter weight guys with larger calves and feet will love how this skis on light touring gear. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “This boot skis amazing! Excellent snow feel through the sole and laterally strong through carves. Very lively plastics--flexes and releases with a springlike action to propel you from turn to turn.” -- Mike Evans


  • “Tricky getting in and out of. ” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “Too upright for me out of the box, but in the workable range--would try the forward lean adjustment on the release mechanism. ” -- Bob Gleason
  • “It's easy to over-tighten with the BOA and numb-out your foot.” -- Mike Evans

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