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The Head Formula 130 MV GW is one of those boots that testers say shouldn't ski as well as it does for how cushy, comfy and convenient it is--but it does! Head has revised the Formula liners to a place where they provide a praiseworthy blend of comfort and control, testers say, calling this version the best all-mountain performance medium they've ever tested from Head. Where many boots either occupy one end of the spectrum defined by creature comfort while others live at the other end, in the pure performance cul-de-sac, the Formula 130 MV splits the difference nicely. The scores back that up--its highest scores (4.90 & 4.80 out of 5) were found in the Convenience, Warmth & Features category and the Edge Power category.

The Formula's chassis is modeled off of the Raptor WCR boots, with a new polyurethane plastic blend that testers like for its resilient and energized flex feel and that bootfitters like for its easy grinding and stretching character. The stance map is neutral, with just a hint of extra leverage to the inside edge with a 0.5-degree tip out of the cuff. Testers loved the dynamic and technical feel of this boot, whether it was driving a piste ski on hardpack or a fatty in pow. There were virtually no complaints about the fit or performance of the Formula 130 MV, save a few mentions that after on snow testing the fit opened up to a "generous" medium width for some testers.

The features kit on the Formula boots is well-crafted and useful, testers said, highlighting the snap in cuff adjustment disks that move the upper boot 1-degree in or out and fit enhancement features like the Form Fit shell morphing oven-cook option or the ankle and heel filling Liquid Fit injection. Bootfitter testers remind skiers that Liquid Fit works best if the boot is properly sized to begin with (it won't fix a too-big boot fit) and is most effective after the liner has been broken in with several days of skiing prior to injection. Testers like the 50mm Velcro strap with the gliding PowerPlate that allows for broad distribution of pressure at the boot top. Some testers miss the double pulley style Booster strap found on other Head flagship models and a few still gripe about Spine Flex buckles, but these were minor concerns amidst an overwhelmingly positive response to a solid performer.

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  • “Formula 130 MV is a fantastic medium volume boot for the particularly wide forefoot--tons of space for the forefoot to sit flat and feel neutral. Shell and liner combine for amazing ankle pocket shape and location--perfect placement! A firm-enough feel for performance but really soft in non-control zones around the foot. The heel and lower leg tighten up approapriately for a medium with a nice flare at the calf. Skis everything predictably and well--it's right at the top of the heap with the best medium volume boots out there.” -- Mark Elling
  • “It's very comfortable--think Lincoln Towncar.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Very comfortable with reasonable grip to the foot. A good match for a more voluminous foot.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Great overall contact, consistent fit and pressure everywhere. ” -- Erik Korman
  • “Feels great! Let's go rip! Fit my lower leg well and skied really solid. Good job Head!” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Perfect medium. Liner is cushy, comfy and wonderful. Toebox is a generous. This is the best thing Head has done--essentially a medium-fit, race boot with off-piste skills and a super comfy liner. Sign me up, this thing rips!” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Consistent medium volume boot. Plush nature. Feels solid. Enjoyed its damp power.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Great fit. Confidence inspiring. Fast edge to edge. Faster than you would expect for such a comfy medium width all-mountain boot. ” -- Pat Sullivan


  • “After skiing it felt really roomy for an MV.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “If this were a jungle, it'd be more hippo than cheetah, but it's damp and quiet.” -- Marc Stewart

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