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If your wintertime reconnaissance missions routinely consist of an all-mountain poke-around to suss out the best conditions, be it leftover, blown-in pow, just-ripening corn or a.m. groomed corduroy, the K2 Recon Team should be on the required equipment list. Our test team did exactly that with this year's Recon Team--dragged it into every good and bad pocket we could find at Mt. Bachelor--and it executed well, they said, with a particularly convenient and comfortable style.

Across the board, over many different testers, one common Recon refrain was how instantly comfortable and balanced it felt straight out of the box. Testers loved the Powerfit Pro liner (one went so far as to say it should get stuffed into the new Dispatch) and they also praised its smooth and trouble-free entry and exit. Was it too comfortable? They said it was one of the most luxuriant of the narrow class and fit a little more mediumish in the toebox and calf--none of that was a bad thing for testers, but a crushing, race-like 98mm fit it was not.

The Recon Team's lateral transmission and edge work was also given thumbs up. Testers called it precise, reliable and strong from arc to arc when moving side to side. The Recon Team's fore-aft feel had a few testers wondering if the Pebax cuff construction contributed to a feel of rearward give, which they didn't like much--but perhaps they should get the hell outta the backseat, right?

The test team rendered something of a split decision on their opinion about tech fittings on the toe lug of a fixed cuff boot. Some liked the idea of a hikeable boot paired with a pin binding but without the linkage compromise that might come with a hike mode feature. Others thought it was a trendy doodad that wouldn't be utilized by most skiers. The Recon Pro (also called a 140 flex) is offered in a mirror build-out, sans tech fittings, and without any discount for lacking the buggers. The Recon 130 similarly goes without the tech toe and also swaps out the Pebax cuff for a polyurethane version and this along with a $100 discount at list price. All of those options come with the cam locking Booster power strap, which testers loved.

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  • “I like the fit at the top of the boot with the booster power strap--good envelopment through the ankle, heel and instep at the throat of the boot. Solid stance angles in both planes. Power transfer to the edge was solid and predictable. A consistent, predictable performer in all conditions and at all speeds. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Initial out of box fit is really comfortable--very intuitive to ski it...it seems to know what you're thinking a few turns before you think it! ” -- Erik Korman
  • “Nice snug fit in heel and ankle area. Initial impression is very good, boot feels and skis precise and comfortable. Stance-wise it's surprisingly neutral right out of the box--smooth and easy to transition. Skis light underfoot. Fun boot with different-from-the-rest cosmetics. ” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “I do think that a tech-compatible but fixed-cuff boot makes sense for short tours and serious descents with an appropriate binding but that's just me--it'll be interesting to see whether it's utilized in that fashion. It's insanely comfortable--roomy in the right spots, snug in the right spots. Fit wise it's a fantastic liner, you feel just enough cushioning but still firm enough for its performance level. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Roomy toes and room in the calf but snug everywhere else. Edge power was good, right on point, no problems. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Exceptionally easy to put on with a great liner. Home run with this one, I love the power and energy. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Feels nice and balanced and has a great fit on the ankles. Great power from edge to edge. ” -- Pat Sullivan


  • “The roof is a little low over my instep bump and it feels a touch short for length on my toes. For a lightweight boot I was not that impressed with its liveliness. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Not super quick--some minor loss of transmission.” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “I think the Pebax cuff gives it a slightly unstable flex feel and it was a little weak to the rear in tricky snow, which made fore-aft movements a bit precarious. ” -- Mark Elling

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