Salomon X Max 120

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In the extensive custom shell and liner tests we performed this year, we repeatedly found that the best results came from starting with a close-to-right size and model for the skier's foot and leg. Count on customization to perform sleight of hand magic, not make the Statue of Liberty disappear. For our slender-footed, lower volume testers the X Max 120 was a perfect starting point.

This year's version sports a revamped pre-molded liner that grabs onto the instep, ankle and heel with an even but relentless grip. It’s perfect for railing high-speed arcs and rapid-fire short radius rippers. But for our bony ankle and thick-heeled guys this was a quick fling, not an all-day love affair. The fit was too intense for them without making a little extra room.

The Custom Shell 360 molding process was key here, taking the sting out of peak pressure points and generally relaxing the all-over fit just enough to turn the stiff suspension track car into a performance-oriented sport sedan. One tester felt the shin fit also improved after Custom Shell molding, allowing his tibia to seat more deeply in the tongue and make the flex feel more progressive.

Testers like the close feel of the shell that comes from the thin, dense liner painting the shell's interior. They called the communication from foot to ski “quick,” “resilient” and “accurate.” Some of our longer-legged guys were able to over-power the 120 but were quite happy with their past test rides on the sturdier X Max 130. Also, a couple of our double-D-sized ankle guys said that while the Custom Shell process helped improve fit there substantially, they would still require a traditional stretch to gain all-day comfort.


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  • “A little upright, but springy lively flex lets you move into the sweet spot. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Super fun carver. Easy to ski. Comfortable stance. Predictable thru chunder. Power on demand. ” -- Brian Elling
  • “Lively and dynamic. ” -- Steve Remer
  • “Ready to ski! Easy to fine tune the ski. Silky smooth. ” -- Greg Phillips
  • “Solid and snappy. ” -- Jeff Rich
  • “Fit is great once molded. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Total connection -- could make this my every day boot. ” --
  • “You can feel every ridge of corduroy under your feet. ” -- Jeff "JC" Costales
  • “Easy on/off. Warm and comfortable. ” -- Bob Gleason


  • “Definitely a narrow fit. ” -- Greg Phillips
  • “Heavy feel. ” --
  • “Hard to put on and off with the vise grip heel hold. ” -- Charlie Bradley

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Killington, VT
Telluride, CO
Houston, TX
Schweitzer, ID
Warren, VT
Costa Mesa, CA
Portland, OR

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