Lange XT 130

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The Gist

A minor liner change to this year’s XT 130 bumped up its fit scores with testers this time around. It was on the On-Off Area group’s podium for the second straight year.


Well shaped and nicely padded around bony prominences making for a no-hot-spot fit. It hovers just to the snug side of medium group fit tension scores. Testers all green lighted the new interior lining that makes entry and exit easier without making it too slippery.

They gave it consistent medium-width scores in all areas with a few ticks indicating a bit of extra snugness at the heel and ankles. A new, perforated foam tongue construction over the midfoot keeps it snug but not crushing. The cuff is slightly roomier than the lower, but the buckles worked well to wrap every leg shape as needed.


The hallmark of the XT 130 is its lively, snappy feel. The long-travel, spring-loaded flex generates energy and pop with every turn. Testers said it was at the heart of what makes this boot so much fun to ski. The polyolefin HP cuff construction also shaves some weight without sacrificing power and stability in the lower (polyether plastic).

Testers said it was easy to dial-in on a good lateral stance set-up. Super-strong edge engagement with power to hold a precise arc.

Fore and aft balance proved elusive for some who thought the ramp angle was a bit low and cuff angle too upright to keep them out of the trunk. A simple 3-5mm heel lift and rear spoiler would push them to perfection, they said.

All agreed the Power V-Lock 2.0 hike mode was solid.

Cool features

Testers liked the hike mode range of motion. It’s longer and more friction-free than past XT iterations. Grippy replaceable alpine soles and rockered Walk to Ride (WTR) soles come with the XT 130.

Sizes (MP) 
24.5, 25.5—29.5
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Also in this Collection 
XT 120 $750, XT 100 $650


  • “Surprisingly quick and sensitive—warm and cushy surrounding fit.” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “Steered with power and confidence. Effective resort walk mode and traction soles.” -- Joe Driscoll
  • “I got a kick out of how supple and adaptable these are—smoothes out chunky terrain.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Amazing quickness and feel, best element of this boot—crazy energy and pop!” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Much better liner feel than in years past. Skied very well.” --
  • “Ridiculously comfy! No more slop in ski mode!” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Consistent, surrounded-feeling fit tension.” -- Chris Wiberg
  • “Fit is awesome, stance is neutral, incredible power. Contender for best of test.” -- Greg Coulter
  • “For an on-off area boot, this is the one.” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “A resilient pop is delivered from turn to turn with giggling consistency!” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Lightweight, fast-mover—fits like a glove!” -- Andrew Barr
  • “Excellent directional control with an uncanny feel for the snow. Really fun!” -- Justin Campbell


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Glenmont, NY
Telluride, CO
Westborough, MA
Big Bear Lake, CA
Schweitzer, ID
Sandpoint, ID

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