K2 Pinnacle 130 LV

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Why did the Pinnacle 130 LV do so well at this year's boot test, coming through the finish in a four-way tie for best of category? Well, first there's the liner revisions that were made to reshape the toebox, opening up more breathing room in the out-of-box fit (which testers noticed and loved), but there's also the fact that when you put this boot in a category where it's up against other like-kind models, it dominates.

Testers found very few flaws with this boot—they like the stance where it is (though its adjustments are good), they approved of the new initial fit and feel, they gave it top notch quickness and snow feel scores and they rated it in the top of the group for edge power and stability. On top of all that, the Synchro Interlock hike mode was judged one of the category's very best, especially amongst the more area-based boots.

The Pinnacle 130 LV has a tall and cushioned-feeling tongue against the shin—bred for off-trail bashing and ideal for medium- to taller-legged skiers. This year's iteration offers a wider third buckle just under the powerstrap that bolsters the cuff's wrap and stability. The overall fit through the lower boot is perhaps a shade on the relaxed side of average for narrow boots in this category and as such will appeal to a broad spectrum of skiers. The Intuition PrecisionFit Tour liner fit better off the rack this year but is highly moldable with cooking on a high-heat stacks.

Sizes (MP) 
25.5, 26.5-30.5
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  • “K2 is not just a ski company anymore. Skied as well as the Spyne 130—thumbs up.” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “The best-skiing of the walk mode boots for me. Solid—feels like a fixed cuff boot.” -- Scott Blackwell
  • “Very good within the all-mountain adventure category. Buckled powerstrap is the best of its kind.” -- Craig Dostie
  • “If I didn't look down I'd swear I was in a race boot. Felt very confident in these.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Wham bam. Has some horsepower. I don't have a bad thing to say.” -- Chris Wiberg
  • “Very balanced and powerful. Great overall sidecountry boot.” -- Bob Egeland
  • “Excellent combination of fit and stance—skies like a riveted shell. It's a real ski boot.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Very comfortable this year.” -- Brad Jacobson
  • “I love the way this walk mode works—the inspector gadget of release mechanisms.” -- James Donahue
  • “Take it out of the box and ski it. No need to tweak anything.” -- Erik Korman
  • “Completely in charge yet forgiving. Dialed for the slack-country adventurer.” -- Bob Gleason


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Taos Ski Valley, NM
Houston, TX
Revelstoke, BC
Costa Mesa, CA
Hotham Heights, VIC
Warren, VT

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