Dalbello Panterra 120

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The Gist

A big, strong boot for big, strong skiers with thicker feet and legs, testers said. Agile as a big cat and powerful in a quiet, damp sort way. You won't know you're going fast until you're going way too fast.


The Panterra 120 is roomy in the toebox and forefoot. The initial fit borders on medium width elsewhere in the lower, according to testers. They also noted that the fit tension relaxed during skiing.

The cuff is roomy enough for thick legged skiers and tall on the leg shaft with a firm flex feel. It’s engineered to best suit taller guys, testers said. All testers liked the Dynalink 45-degree buckle and how it retains the foot in a smooth, snug manner across the instep. While a few testers scoffed at the touted ability of the VVF buckle (Variable Volume Fit) to turn a 102mm last into a 100mm—buckles do make boots tighter, right? But the VVF buckle tightens the radius of the lower boot without dropping the top of the boot onto the foot. They did agree that the way it's constructed works to maintain a tall, round fit in the toebox and forefoot in its tighter setting.


Testers liked the Panterra 120’s shock-absorbing feel and broad torque curve. It’s powerful on edge and shines at speed. It’s a little slumberous for lighter guys at slower speeds; it likes to work at terminal velocity and hammer things out, man-to-man. Shorter guys found their legs swallowed-up by the high-rise cuff but taller skiers gave the Panterra good quickness scores. Testers were not particularly impressed with the boot's range of motion with the cuff released, but it’s an easily actuated hike mode and useful for a now-and-again boot pack mission.

Cool Features

The VVF buckle is designed with set it and forget it convenience. Set the fit with the buckle, and then leave it alone, putting on and taking off the boot with it closed. It works. Testers say it's still easy on-and-off even with the VVF buckle closed. There’s an upgrade 120 model that comes with an Intuition I.D. liner for an extra $100, but testers were happy with the fit and value here.

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Panterra 130 I.D. $800, Panterra 120 I.D. $750, Panterra 100 $600, Panterra 90 $550


  • “Quiet, understated power—the boot's mass lends great stability.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Bold, strong cuff with a tank-like feel. Nimble like a big cat.” --
  • “Well-balanced, smooth and precise. Inspires confidence.” -- Jeff Harper
  • “It's high-volume fit will suit a meaty foot nicely—fun to ski.” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “The fit is even from top of cuff to toebox.” -- Mike Evans
  • “Consistent medium and long radius turns—solid to the edge.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Dang, like a body-mapped Lazy Boy! Surprisingly powerful.” --
  • “The boot has no hot spots and feels great on the foot and on the ski.” -- Justin Campbell
  • “This category has never been known for bump crushing rebound, but this boot delivers!” -- Jeff "JC" Costales


  • “Liner moved around inside the shell—I did not feel any connection to the ski.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “It's just too tall on the leg to feel quick.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Cable buckles are a bit cumbersome.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “I would never buy this boot without the I.D. liner—too soft and loose as tested.” -- Eric Kipp

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