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Testers called the Lupo 110 one of the best three-piece boots in the house, and that's saying something. As the step-down version of the stiffer Lupo SP, there wasn't much stepping down—this 110 packed more power than the digits would lead one to believe, and testers were widely impressed with how it handled all speeds in all snow conditions.

Like many of Dalbello's three-piece constructions, the Lupo got stiffer and stronger the tighter it was buckled, as the three pieces of the shell wrap more tightly together. The closure and rapid fire connection to the ski made the Lupo a perfect match for testers with slender lower legs, as the grip there was very close, especially at the base of the leg and into the ankle pockets, allowing confident lateral moves in tricky spots. Testers noted that the forefoot and toebox were quite roomy by comparison to the rearfoot hold, but for the wide-spreading foot or skiers looking for additional warmth and wiggle room this is a great combination.

The flex feel of the Lupo was especially well-liked by testers, who called it fluid and progressive—and definitely packing more punch than the 110 rating suggested. The tongue rides a little higher than average against the shin which testers liked for how it distributed pressure during off-piste charging but some of our shorter testers got pushed into the backseat a bit.

Lupo's hike mode is simple and industrial-looking. Testers liked how strongly it linked upper to lower, and while rearward range of motion was limited, they liked how the three-piece shell allowed for additional forward travel with the buckles loosened. The set-up here is great for hiking back uphill to hit something again, but probably not the long-tour option for most.

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  • “Tall boot cuff, and tough buckles to close.” -- Steve Cohen
  • “The buckles require fiddling. ” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Wide for a narrow foot.” -- Eric Kipp

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