Rossignol Pure Pro 100

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Of the Rossignol Pure Pro 100, one tester commented that it was easy to find one's balance in this boot, and sure enough it's Dynamic Balance score came out to a perfect 5.00! Virtually every tester commented on the Pure Pro 100's instant comfort and ease to get on and off, and whatdya know, another perfect 5.00! There were no deal-breaker issues here, nor any unwanted surprises. Many testers called it a perfect medium width fit and said it was exactly what they expected out of a 100-flex all-mountain boot.

Skiers should not be lulled into a lazy dream state by the Pro 100's easygoing entry and exit attitude and silky, teddy-bear-soft liner feel (one tester said the boot was so comfortable she needed to head to the bar), because this boot skis with the best of them. In fact, its performance metrics were higher than most of the medium width all-mountain group's entries in the 105 to 115 flex index range. Testers said it's not a sports car but rather a luxury sedan that has a sport mode you probably won't ever use--but you could. Their favorite thing about this boot (aside from their love for the liner's furry luxury) was that it was just completely problem-free. There wasn't a thing about it that wouldn't let them recommend it to a friend. Okay, a couple said that the heel pocket could be a little tighter, but that's an easy fix with a bootfitter's help, so we'll ignore that.

Testers loved how they skied in this boot, from the stance to its stability on edge, and they didn't call its cosmetics boring--black and chrome works fine for them, apparently. Simple, comfy, good-looking--and it skis well too. That was enough for our team to put this one on the category podium.

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  • “Rossignol is just consistent with their customer expectation, or maybe exceeds it. They’re awfully classy-looking boots (I feel like a classier version of myself in this boot), and can be perceived visually sometimes as not a serious skier's boot, but this one does the ski boot job. It is one of the easier boots to get in and out of. The liner is on the cushier side, which initially makes you love the boot. The lateral balance when skiing this boot is great. You feel like you’re in a true 100-flex boot as well. No crazy extras with this one, just a consistent feeling on the snow and a pleasing fit from the start. ” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “Snappy and super comfy!” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “Dead sexy, skis great for an intermediate or advanced lady. Great skiing, exactly what I'd hope for in a MV 100-flex. ” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Great feeling boot with a soft, teddy bear liner. So comfortable--I want to go to the bar! ” -- Liz Elling
  • “Super easy on, comfortable right away, awesome comfy liner. A perfect medium fit through the whole boot. The boot fits very balanced for a medium volume foot and lower leg. And damn, it's reliable and consistent. ” -- Kori Coggin
  • “Simple and straightforward. Nice, comfortable out-of-the-box feel--perfect 100-flex.” -- Emily Poore
  • “This boot is cool, cozy and comfortable! No need to unbuckle while indoors, all day comfort! Ready to roll, this boot makes me want to get out and ski! Very responsive, from on-piste to off-piste. Fun in all conditions and we definitely had all conditions! ” -- Linda Parazoo


  • “A little bit sluggish compared to the category winners.” -- Megen Johnson
  • “It's roomy--I felt like I had to over-tighten for tricky conditions.” -- Liz Elling

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