Rossignol Hi-Speed 130 HV

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Over 70% of our test team awarded the Rossignol Hi-Speed 130 HV GW a perfect score of 5.00, and we think that's saying something. Not only did it top the wide last field in the All-Mountain Traditional category this year (well, there was only one entry there) it was the second-highest scoring boot of the entire men's field, across all categories--and we know that's saying something.

Testers agreed that the Rossi Hi-Speed 130 HV is exhibit A in our current evidence box that supports our contention that now is the best boot era ever for the thick-footed, skilled skier. Wide-lasted boots continue to get better and better, offering the right fit for the wide side without a lot of bootfitting effort and without sacrificing proper stance and on-snow performance. Most brands offer 102-mm boots, but only a handful offer an all-mountain line-up of narrow, medium and wide lasts that hang together in well-differentiated fits but mirror-image performance levels, per stiffness. Rossignol is one of those, testers say.

What's so special about the Hi-Speed HV? Well, nothing really and everything because of that. It is not a fancy-featured model, testers assure. It has a Velcro power strap, four buckles, a cuff adjustment and GripWalk soles. It goes on and off easily without having to manage any cables or laces. It closes up using a traditional buckle configuration with a similarly traditional liner to pad the inner workings of the shell. It stands in a balanced and therefore inconspicuous way. It matches the movements of the lower leg while skiing, hinging properly at the ankle joint during flexion and it engages the skis' edges predictably, in both directions. It is black with a little bit of red. That the boot is unremarkable in these ways primarily means that it is not problematic in any way. Said another way, the boot is flawless in its simplicity, and our test team liked that a lot.

Yes, a couple testers thought there were some spots that were more snug than expected for an HV model, like against the navicular bone and over the top of the foot, but theirs was a minority opinion and they were admittedly minor level complaints. Some testers still wish for flat Alpine soles instead of GripWalk, but again, a minority viewpoint at this stage in the game. The majority of testers overwhelmingly loved this one and suggested that any skier with thick feet should put it on his short list.


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  • “Wide foot, narrow heel, medium calf. Sounds like you just buy this boot and go skiing. Done. Now that was easy. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Good comfortable envelopment throughout. Because the shaft of this boot cuff was higher up my leg, I found it very quick edge to edge because I could get my knees engaged early. A good all-rounder in terms of comfortable fit with good all-mountain performance.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “The high volume Rossi Hi-Speed is just as good as it was last year--just a fantastic feel with its neutral forefoot, so tuned-in to the floor of the boot and through to the ski. A lot of control and a lot of power but supremely comfortable, super warm and easy to deal with. It's a simple, straightforward four-buckle overlap--just kind of a standard, good, honest boot that happens to be a little bit roomier for the high volume foot and leg. Can't go wrong with this one.” -- Mark Elling
  • “Hammers through the heavy stuff with confidence and ease--has a stout disposition. ” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Quick turner for wide volume boot. ” -- Pat Sullivan


  • “HV in the heel and cuff areas only, MV to LV everywhere else. ” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Surprisingly snug for HV.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Navicular is very tight for a boot of this width. ” -- Pat Sullivan

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