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The new Nordica Unlimited 130 Dyn impressed testers with a three-way combination of goodness in fit, skiing performance and touring capability. Regardless of Nordica's freeriding history testers said the Unlimited excels, but knowing its roots in the Strider (a solid freerider) testers appreciated the improvements made here even more.

It's a much lighter weight and agile-feeling all-mountain charger, testers agreed. The polyamide lower shell and Triax (polypropylene) cuff team well for reduced weight on the foot but testers also praised its newfound energy and quickness. One tester called the Unlimited's rapid response to edging and flexing movements giggle-worthy, and we think that's apt. Some testers thought the cuff lacked a little torque and power for a claimed 130-flex, but there were few comments that it affected the boot's stability on edge or ski control in variable terrain.

The out-of-box fit really impressed testers who noted the rearfoot (heel & ankle) is well gripped and the top of the foot similarly snug, especially with the cable-laced bottom buckles closing down over the midfoot. Some testers with high-arched, bony-instep feet complained about this but the average volume feet folk were just fine with it. Testers liked the just-firm-enough liner for how it controlled the foot and leg without sacrificing creature comforts and warmth. Testers mentioned the liner and shell were well mated, locked together nicely without any unwanted internal slippage. They put the overall fit of the Unlimited 130 on the snug side of the medium width group.

There was much praise for the cable-style lower boot closure tensioned by buckles, rather than the trending BOA reel--some of our old school testers commented that there were far too many knobs in ski land already and were relieved to see this buckled approach taken here. The look of the Unlimited appealed to our testers who thought everything about it was clean and well-orchestrated.

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  • “Wow, this really envelopes the foot well--edge change was easy and predictable. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Cool, cable closure system that is very easy to use. ” -- Greg Hoffmann
  • “Well articulated medium fit. Rearfoot feels well controlled but the snappiness from turn to turn in these boots is giggle-worthy. The blend of skiability and off-piste capability (down and up) gives this boot broad appeal. ” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Great ankle and heel retention. Slim fit on the lower leg and foot--the narrower foot will like this boot. Great in soft snow off-piste. ” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “Good envelopment. Solid liner feel. Great liner and shell match, no internal slippage. Good fit tension blended with all-around comfort. Having a more substantial liner helped the skiability in difficult snow. Easy fit and easy skiing. Hits a large chunk of the western ski market--great combination of releasable cuff and skiability.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Perfect medium fit throughout and skis great right out of the box. No real problems--perfect score from me.” -- Mark Elling


  • “This boot has a low roof--I'm feeling extra pressure on the top of my foot.” -- Jim Morris
  • “A little weak for a 130.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Very tight over the midfoot--and boot collapses a bit when flexed hard. ” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “It's a little tight over the midfoot with the cable system--would require a toe pad filler to even-up the fit over the top of the foot for folks with high-arched, bony insteps but far from a deal-breaker.” -- Mark Elling

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