K2 BFC 130

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With a smattering of predictable garage and airplane hangar commentary, our test team put the BFC at the widest end of the wide boot group, which they loved for the MV crowd, meaning those with Massive Volume in the foot, leg and everything in between. The BFC has always been a test team favorite for a huge fitting boot that still manages to ski quite well, and this year's 130 flex newcomer was no different. A huge boot that skis well, was literally a comment made multiple times about the BFC 130.

The instep fit is prodigious, testers agree, which would allow some of the meatiest feet to get in comfortably (i.e. not going numb immediately) without having to size up beyond their seated heel to toe measurement. The liner is soft and accommodating, but with some anatomical shaping for outsized feet. Multiple testers mentioned how nicely formed and located the ankle pockets were, and while the boot can handle a thick heel, the more average of girth felt like the BFC responded to their fine foot balance movements without complete loss of transmission.

The thin wall polyurethane shell and highly cushioned liner tongue combined for a softer-than-130 flex feel, testers said, but they didn't find that the boot collapsed under heavy load, just traveled a bit farther and more easily than they'd expected. For the skier with a gargantuan calf there's a boot top cuff adjustment that spills the rear of the cuff further back. The shell itself is heat moldable via convection oven cooking, but our bootfitter testers weren't sure they'd come across many humans who would need the additional room made available by the process.

Testers dig the combination of GripWalk soles and the aptly named Apres Walk mechanism for trekking to the bar deck or a long distance trudge to the far reaches of the parking lot, and while the earthy pumpkin color way raised a few eyebrows, testers agreed it would go well with Carharts.

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  • “For the individual who needs a surplus of volume these are THE go to boots, bar none. A Love bucket through and through! ” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Cushy and very comfortable. Big feet with big calf? Yes, please. This is not the strongest boot in this category, but it sure is the most comfortable. Steering and quickness lag a little behind a few other models. Great for recreational big dudes with giant feet and calves.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Ultra wide boot that skis well. ” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “I could park my car in here! For guys with absolutely huge feet this is a great option.” -- Christian Sigvartsen
  • “Ample room, everywhere. I love the liner--so warm and comfortable.” -- Mike Evans


  • “At a supposed 130, I feel they should be more supportive.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “A bit on the soft side for a 130.” -- Mike Evans

This boot available at...

Westwood, NJ
Telluride, CO
Killington, VT
Pagosa Springs, CO

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