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Testers weren't exactly sure who was on the lookout for a fixed cuff, tech-compatible all-mountain boot, but they said that for those who are, the K2 Anthem Team is probably the one! They loved the light weight, ease on and off and the well-contoured anatomical shape (if more of a medium-width fit). Skiers who've made a transition to a pin binding but who don't love or need a hike mode will find only a few boots to suit their needs and the Anthem Team is one of them. Note that the images in this review do not show the tech fittings (but they're there, we promise!).

Testers felt that the 125 flex was a bit oversold and surmised that the cuff's Pebax construction might be implicated. Some testers love the resilient, springy and long flex feel while others would give up a few ounces for a more traditional PU feel. Fore-aft balance is slightly tunable with the cuff's calf adjustment and the lateral mechanism of adjustment is the offset inserts that are common to K2 boots over the past several years. Testers gave the Anthem Team its highest scores for its balanced stance, though the next highest scores came in for both Edge Power and Quickness.

The liner construction is soft and inviting, testers said, though perhaps an element in the slightly-roomier-than-expected feel throughout the lower boot. Testers agreed that a true 98 mm narrow, this was not. This isn't to say the fit is bad at all--they loved it, just said it runs to the widest side of the narrow group.

Testers like the cam-locking power strap, dual pull loops on the liner and GripWalk soles...pretty standard fare for top shelf price points, but appreciated all the same.

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  • “Classically wider feel for a narrow, pretty standard for K2s--overall feels awesome, but pretty roomy for a narrow. Stance is slightly upright, but with the adjustable rear plate there is some ability to play with the boot's fore-aft positioning, depending on what you like. ” -- Emily Poore
  • “It's super easy to get on the foot, with a lightweight, soft step-in feeling. The skier is the driver of this boot, the boot does not kick back (maybe too soft in flex). An easy ski, body position felt natural and easy. The housing crisis near ski resosrts will be cured with this boot; there is space for days. ” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “Super comfortable and skied well! Plenty of room where you need it (a lot for a narrow) and great color!” -- Liz Elling
  • “Yummy fit! Fit's slim but not painful. Steering feels strong, like it's ready to muscle through chop and glop. Quickness is above average. Consistent results on snow make it a confidence-building boot. Stable, rugged, tough--this would be a great work boot for a patroller or similar on-snow job. Built for fast, stable groomers. Fun for a lateral transition skier. ” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Comfortable indoor walking, easy on and off, buckles are straight forward. Power strap is beefy, extra support! Warm and comfortable without compromising performance on snow. ” -- Linda Parazoo


  • “Toe pin feature for strong skiers that don't want a hike mode seems unnecessary, but perhaps some will dig it. ” -- Emily Poore
  • “The liner's Ultralon foam feels like its going to completely compress to nothing after a 5-day ski vacation. ” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “Out of the box this boot had a little extra room for my narrow heel.” -- Linda Parazoo

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