Dalbello Krypton AX T.I.

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While testers were a little confused about where the new Krypton AX T.I. sat in Dalbello's line (more like a Lupo AX than a Krypton, testers mused) they liked it all the same! Essentially, Dalbello took a good boot and made it better by adding GripWalk soles and a hike mode--and really, testers had no issue with any hike mode related performance deficit. So, chalk up this new iteration of a boot we've seen glimmers of in the past as a win!

Testers unanimously commented on the boot's comfort factor, which was high in all respects and fit zones. Part of the comfort was due to the soft-against-the-foot liner construction and part was due to extra room over the top of the foot, from toebox all the way through the instep. This offered a lot of bloodflow and zero nerve impingement on the top of the foot, but testers mentioned that the compliant liner and extra vertical space made for some fore-aft slippin' and slidin' around inside the shell. Testers takeaway wasn't bad, but pointed toward the thicker foot and instep as the perfect match for the ample overhead storage available here. Testers were also in agreement that the stance set-up was on the upright side of things, which worked great for longer legged and thicker calf testers but some of our shorter guys and chicken-legged struggled to move the cuff into a slightly more forward attitude.

The Krypton AX T.I. handled itself well in all conditions, transferring accurate movements to ski on hard and soft surfaces alike and it was not bothered by chaotic crud--though it was a dream to ski in smooth, untracked pow, testers said. While some testers felt lacking in overall connection around their feet, many mentioned that the heel pocket controlled the rearfoot well for maintaining some crisp control over things regardless of the pillow fight going on up in the forward cabin.

Closure was classic Dalbello cabrio, and as such some testers complained about the various straps and overlaps, but all agreed that the containment offered by three buckles and its 40mm power strap was adequate and would be even better with some added foot and instep flesh. Testers noted that the hike mode switch was easy to deal with and the range of motion rearward was good, while the forward range was a bit limited, reminding that the Lupo AX's fully removable tongue offers increased touring range of movement for skiers looking for a little more off from an on-off-area boot than they might find here with the more descent-centric Krypton AX.

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  • “Krypton AX is super comfortable, with a good closure system once you get it figured out. There's lots of room vertically in the forefoot and toebox and plenty of room at the instep through the throat of the boot. Would be a great fit for someone who's thick in those places. Super easy on and off, very warm, very comfy. Strong skiing, fun, no real problems. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “The upright stance encourages you to get on the tongue and really drive the shovel. Once you're up to speed the boot really turns on, super quick turn to turn. Excellent liner--very cushy and warm. Liner runs a little long but holds well in the heel considering that it's a pretty roomy fit for a medium. ” -- Pat Sullivan
  • “Comfy but a bit too spacious. It feels like the liner is moving around in the shell. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Fairly upright stance, so it gets good pressure to the ski with very little input. This boot felt good in both hard, frozen groomed snow as well as on softer, looser snow conditions. Like the other brands that have been improving the horsepower of their releasable cuff boots, Dalbello has also risen to that task. ” -- Jim Schaffner


  • “I had some biting shin bang at the top of tongue and zero contact down lower on the shin. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Allowed for some excess fore-aft movement for me due to the extra vertical space at toebox and forefoot, coupled with a lot of room at the instep.” -- Mark Elling

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