Can You or Can't You Cant? Cantology Has Solutions!

Virtually every skier will benefit from some basic lateral stance fine-tuning in the form of a well-made custom footbed and a properly adjusted upper cuff, but many skiers can really elevate their performance and comfort by taking the next stance step and having their boots canted—even a little bit makes a difference. Canting essentially means tipping the whole boot left or right in relation to the ski for the sake of improved edging balance and for stability and comfort of the legs during skiing.

Boot Test Headquarters--Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

The annual America's Best Bootfitters boot test returned to Mt. Bachelor, Oregon this past spring for the 25th time since the test's inception there in 1988! Why is Mt. Bachelor the ideal location for a boot test? Well, it always happens in the first two weeks of April, and what makes it a perfect test headquarters are the same reasons that savvy skiers head there for Spring skiing roadtrips. Well, that and cheap Spring passes, and staying at Mount Bachelor Village Resort, and yeah, probably Deschutes Brewery, too.

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