Boot Test Headquarters--Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

The annual America's Best Bootfitters boot test returned to Mt. Bachelor, Oregon this past spring for the 25th time since the test's inception there in 1988! Why is Mt. Bachelor the ideal location for a boot test? Well, it always happens in the first two weeks of April, and what makes it a perfect test headquarters are the same reasons that savvy skiers head there for Spring skiing roadtrips. Well, that and cheap Spring passes, and staying at Mount Bachelor Village Resort, and yeah, probably Deschutes Brewery, too.

The entire mountain is still open at that time of year, with a massive snowpack and 360-degrees of access to the best terrain and snow conditions Oregon has to offer. We never know if we'll be skiing pow or corn at the boot test, but either way works for us. This year we skied fresh snow with mid-winter temperatures every day of the test and were treated to a blue-bird Summit day as a finale. The new Cloudchaser Express chair opens up a vast amount of new, rolling terrain on the mountain's east side—perfect for morning corn sessions or cruising 3-5" of late season fresh. We base out of the enormous Pine Marten Lodge at mid-mountain which gives us huge views, access to two floors of restaurants and immediate downhill action when testers walk out the door. We'll be back!

Special thanks to all of our sponsors!