Scott Celeste II

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The Gist

Great anatomical fit paired with superior performance on both the ascent and descent. It handily took top honors in the women's Backcountry category.


Though it’s marked as a 103.5mm last, it fit more like a 98mm. Testers didn't mind; they liked the snug but even fit throughout the lower and the slightly relaxed shape in the toebox and forefoot. There were no hotspots in the well-padded yet squish-free liner, they said.

After giving the PWR Lite High thermo liner a good cook-and-mold, testers reported a nicely distributed snug-medium fit. The upper cuff impressed our crew. It’s has just-right height (no tib-fib fracture feel) and an even, progressive flex feel that testers described as a bit softer than the claimed 120.


Easy-peasy on all terrain and snow surfaces with a long-ranging and easily activated touring mode. The Celeste II received the best scores in the group for its ease of handling and stable predictability turn-to-turn. It requires no technique adjustments for the down; just point and go. Testers said that the stance is slightly upright but not backseat, making for a sustainable all-day starting position with a soft-enough flex to effectively manage the front of the ski.

Cool Features

Testers liked the Vibram sole's grip for walking and said the Dynafit-certified tech inserts found their home every time without hassle. The Ergo micro-adjustable buckles are lightweight but straightforward to use. Some testers liked the internal liner lacing system, while others found it a little bothersome for entry/exit and quick closure.

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  • “Really good quality of travel in touring mode.” -- Emily Poore
  • “Foot is held snugly in place but comfortable for long days on the skin track.” -- Filomena ' Mena' Dardani
  • “Makes powerful edging transitions confidently and handles with finesse.” -- Emma Christensen
  • “Silky smooth uphill and supportive on the way down. Excellent styling.” -- Kristina "Rev" Revello


  • “Fits shorter than the norm and tighter than a 103 last.” -- Emily Poore
  • “Lacks energy and rebound, you tend to get stuck in a flexed position.” -- Filomena ' Mena' Dardani

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