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The Celeste II is revised for the current season with a completely updated platform of features and functionality. The bi-density external tongue is beefed up for a stronger fore-aft transmission and the full thermo liner is redesigned for more breathability. Buckles and tech fittings are improved in this generation Celeste, as is the touring mechanism itself.

Testers were stunned by the long and natural touring range of motion and weight feel underfoot. This was a serious touring machine, they said. The buckle catches easily held bales in place while unbuckled for the uphill and buckle throws and cuff release lever were accessed with gloves without hassle.

The test team applauded the Celeste II for packing serious power—they said the 120 flex rating was no lie. But many testers found the boot so upright in its fore-aft stance that, coupled with the stiffness, they had a tough time finding an ideally balanced spot over the ski. The addition of a rear spoiler might improve that angle, but testers also found the calf fit fairly snug, possibly complicating that solution.

The lower boot fit was ample, with extra room in the toebox and over the instep, and testers thought that thick feet would do well there.

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  • “Comfortable and easy to get on—convenient adjustments.” -- Michael Kendrick Powderly
  • “Comfortable, warm, easy on and off—and they have a long touring range of motion.” -- Tamara Payton
  • “Flex is perfectly stiff and the range of motion is wide!” -- Allison McGuirk
  • “Stiff flex and tall cuff—this is a great ski mountaineering and freeride combo design.” -- Jana Rogers
  • “Beautiful! Love the fab colors.” -- Kimberly Kinney
  • “Really light, which is great—with super hero colors!” --
  • “For my foot this was my top choice—and I love the new colors.” -- Carol 'Ski Mum' Mergenthaler


  • “This boot is voluminous! And not very well padded—needs some filler.” -- Carrie Suriano
  • “I didn't like how upright the stance was—put me off balance.” -- Tamara Payton
  • “Cuff is disproportionately tighter than the lower boot.” -- Allison McGuirk
  • “I was in the backseat, with a tight calf and a huge toebox.” -- Kimberly Kinney

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Steamboat Springs, CO

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