Salomon X Pro 130

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All-Mountain Traditional
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A perennial favorite that we nonetheless barraged with a battery of tests. We put heavy mileage on the X Pro 130 in off-the-rack mode and then again after customizing it every which way to Sunday. Testers say the X Pro rocks in both stock and full-modified versions.

Many of our crew preferred the firm grip of the stock set-up's liner which holds the heel and ankle aggressively. It’s great for skinny heel/wide forefoot guys (there's room up front) without any surgery. Other testers preferred to cook only the liner to ease that rearfoot grip and retain the otherwise firm fit throughout. A good portion of our test team liked the full monty: a ten minute oven cook of the shell followed by five minutes of molding and five minutes of cooling. They found that provided a more open fit around their peak pressure points and subtle stance angle improvements.

The X Pro 130 similarly aced its on-snow exams. Testers like the boot's starting position, with its modern, upright cuff, tipped slightly outward for strong inside edge engagement. They also like the flex feel. It’s solid but with long enough travel for making supple flexing movements that responded well in a variety of turn shapes and sizes and through all terrain and conditions. Some testers who wanted a slightly flatter edge set-up noted that a Custom Shell 360 cook job eased that edge bite by an estimated half-degree. Expect reliable, predictable, fun everywhere and A-plus performance.

Sizes (MP) 
24.5-33.5 (big foot alert)
Hike Mode 
Boot width profile 


  • “Does everything. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Great stance and flex. Pretty ideal set-up as an all-terrain vehicle. ” -- Brian Elling
  • “Quick, good look, and light on the foot. ” -- Steve Cohen
  • “Nice fit. Smooth even feel. Hard charging, do everything boot. ” --
  • “User friendly in all aspects. Fits well, skis well, and adapts as needed. ” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Very smooth and predictable. ” --
  • “Love nest of puff balls! Fits strong in all the right places. Dynamically balanced. ” -- Chris Wiberg


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