Salomon QST Pro 110 W

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Most testers loved the snug grip of the lower boot across the top of the foot; some found it too firm over the midfoot. Most testers loved the upright and soft flexing cuff, while others pushed it to max and wished for more resistance. All loved the QST Pro 110 W's light weight and easy-to-use, sideways-mounted hike mode switch.


You can tell it'll be a close fit over the top of the foot just by looking at the sleek, low-slung profile of the Endofit construction. It marries a cutaway cabrio lower shell to a structural tongue with a hard outer exoskeleton that the buckles over wrap. Tres avant garde.

Testers with low volume feet and lower insteps loved the snug press along the top of the foot; those with higher volume feet were smashed there and experienced numbness. Testers who underwent Custom Shell molding in the QST Pro 110 W reported improved instep fit.

The cuff wraps snugly; the slender-legged loved it. It’s on the upright side of the spectrum, but testers said it's also quite a bit softer than the 110 rating so many ended up feeling balanced fore and aft as a result.


Testers liked the QST’s transitional quickness. The lightweight feel on the foot translated to rapid fire edging movements. Testers felt the stance wasn’t quite on target, sitting somewhat rearward and said a little heel lift or rear spoiler would help them find the front of the ski easier. The sideways-mounted Surelock hike mode switch was a tester favorite. They said its ease of use and smooth range of motion when released was one of the QST’s top attributes.

Cool Features

In addition to Custom Shell molding and the Surelock cuff release, the shell utilizes polyamide plastic (like nylon) in the lowest part of the lower shell for a super stiff, thin shell wall that shaves weight and increases responsiveness.

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  • “I felt like I had the quickness and agility of a squirrel!” -- Emily Poore
  • “This boot rocks! Better walk mode and lighter feel than years' past.” -- Julia Carr
  • “Leg shaft hold is WOW! The most comfortable on the shin yet!” -- Liz Elling
  • “Long travel in walk mode saves this boot.” -- Kristina "Rev" Revello
  • “Light weight and hike mode makes this a good backcountry boot.” -- Megen Johnson


  • “Pretty tight across the midfoot bump—will be an issue for some.” -- Emily Poore
  • “Backseat baby! Extreme heel steering. Feet went numb—tight over top of foot.” -- Liz Elling
  • “Having a hard time understanding the target market.” -- Kristina "Rev" Revello
  • “Tongue is mush—top half of boot is useless.” -- Megen Johnson

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Killington, VT
Ann Arbor, MI
Houston, TX
Telluride, CO
Taos Ski Valley, NM
Schweitzer, ID
Chicago, IL
Stowe, VT

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