Lange XT 130

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As good as all the versions of the XT that we've skied over the years have been, this one stood out to our test team as the best yet .This year's XT 130 came with three changes that re-set the bar for itself (it already sets the bar for the category) for skiing performance and comfort. The lightweight Polyolefin HP upper cuff is slightly stiffer this year, and that in conjunction with improvements made to the Power V-Lock cuff release gave the XT an even more locked-on-target feel fore and aft as well as more stability during aggressive off-piste skiing. Testers had no complaint of any rearward slop in the cuff or folding on big impacts—rock solid, they said.

The other big improvement for the XT lineup this season is a revised lightweight liner that's slightly stiffer and denser than previous versions—more on par with the RX style liners but in a lighter construction. Testers noticed a better-mated feel between liner and shell for a no-slip grip on the foot, especially in the well-shaped ankle and heel areas. The XT without the LV (low volume) means medium fit, and fit scores were right down the middle of the column that indicated how a performance medium should fit—a little extra room in the forefoot, over the instep and at the calf but without drifting into wide status.

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24.5, 25.5-30.5
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  • “Everything about this boot is exactly what skiers want. Perfect. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Really skis great and offered more room over my instep than most.” -- Sean Battiste
  • “Nice and quick, no surprises—good angles.” -- Brian Elling
  • “Awesomeness 101. Great boot—would happily ski on this daily.” -- Lance Cygielman
  • “Shrink-wrapped fit feel with good transitions between zones—clearly improved. ” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Extremely workable, easy to get dialed in.” -- Jeff Harper
  • “Just a nice, basic and practical skiing boot—best of category.” -- Greg Hoffmann
  • “Improved liner fit the shell better. Better hold and feel.” --
  • “Surprisingly agile and solid for a hybrid. Skis like an alpine boot, walks easy and comfortable.” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “The benchmark here—more stolid than ever. Alpine strong.” -- Mark Elling
  • “It skis very much like a riveted shell.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Good strong fore-aft response and good strong edge hold.” -- Mike Evans
  • “Great feel and agility—I love it.” -- James Donahue
  • “High performance on all sorts of terrain—chop, cornice drops and mobbing at speed.” -- Andrew Orlich
  • “Nice changes to liner and cuff.” -- Kevin Anderson
  • “A skier's boot. Frontside skiing character with a tour mode.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Good stance, good fore-aft support, good feel on snow—good boot. ” -- Mike Wiksten


  • “Hike mode lock is easy to use but could use a bigger loop to grab on to.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “If you're a big dude this might still be too soft.” -- Dallas Goldsmith

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Stowe, VT
Big Bear Lake, CA
Schweitzer, ID
Portland, OR
Avon, CO
Golden, CO

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