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We don't think any of our testers were particularly surprised to find the XC 120 in their top tier—it's a little like cheating for Lange, right? Take the perennially strong XT line and merge it with last year's new, wide-last winner SX to create the 102mm, releasable cuff XC. Of course it rocks—all you'd have to do is not screw it up. Well, Lange didn't--the boot was a test favorite. Some testers called it a roomier XT boot. Some testers called it a cooler SX boot. The XC might suffer from a bit of an identity crisis, but that's not a bad problem to have as a boot—this one will appeal to a lot of different types of skiers.

It's a comfortable flexing 120, testers said, with plenty of travel for smooth ankle flexion and happy shins. It's a roomy 102mm last, with a particularly vaulted ceiling over the top of the foot and a relaxed calf fit. The Power V-Lock cuff release is as easy to use as they come. So, this may just be the ultimate convenience and comfort boot of the test. Not everybody seeking boots in the all-mountain adventure category is looking to go have an adventure. Sometimes getting the family to the hill, outfitted with tickets, into their gear and into lessons is enough adventure already. An easy-to-wear, all-day warm, easy-walking boot that also happens to ski well is going to appeal to a lot of skiers—dads in particular. The price ain't bad here either, but just look at the $150 savings by stepping down to the XC 100.

And by the way, testers did like the way it skis—spot on stance angles (same as other Lange models), a monoinjected polyether lower boot and a smooth flex range did the trick for arcing turns on demand with no wasted movement or loss of energy. Surprisingly strong skiing, testers said.

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  • “Lange has great posters, and the boots are pretty good too. Everything works here.” -- Bob Kuehn
  • “Consistent fit and neutral stance make for fun and easy skiing—a wider XT.” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Skis the way you want to ski. Surprisingly strong for the comfort level.” -- Mark Elling
  • “I was impressed—made all the moves on all terrain. Ski hard on the hill, drink hard in the bar.” --
  • “Comfortable and skis great. All in all, a sweet boot.” -- Greg Hoffmann
  • “Lange, you've done well again. A nice balance of good qualities. Smooth. ” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Smooth and powerful with a progressive forward flex. ” -- Craig Dostie


  • “A little abrupt at the top of the liner tongue, but it eased up. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “A little low in ramp and upright in cuff for me. I'd need a bit of heel lift and a bigger calf.” -- Greg Hoffmann

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