La Sportiva Spectre 2.0

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The Gist

The 2.0 moniker says it all. It’s amazing the improvements you can make doing anything the second time around and La Sportiva took advantage of its mulligan. Our testers put this most-improved boot on the Backcountry podium this year. Better fit over the midfoot and instep and stiffer plastic construction bumped-up its comfort and performance scores.


Testers slotted the Spectre 2.0 right between medium and narrow in the lower, notably snugger than the 100.5mm last width would suggest (when measured using an industry standard 26.5MP size; La Sportiva for some reason cites a 102.5 mm last width but measured on a 27.5MP). Cooking the fully moldable EZ Thermo Liner helped open the fit at typical pressure spots but it didn't produce a lot of additional room. This is a snug fitting boot.

Most testers felt the fit tension was well distributed but our guys with bony inside ankle and navicular bones squealed a bit. The cuff is set a touch upright and the liner feels firm against the shin. The fit in upper and lower means business. Entry and exit are standard for the category but testers had trouble with the tiny peg-in-hole Pegasus buckles. They ultimately proved functional and they are nifty looking but also a frustrating fiddle-cluster.


The Vertebra construction spine provides a solid backbone (get it?) and serious rearward support. Testers liked the way It drove aggressively from the front cockpit. The lower shell and tongue are fashioned from Grilamid plastic and have a strong, snappy feel underfoot and throughout the flex range. The cuff is made of weight saving Pebax. The boot is light but strong and the hike mode range of motion and actuation switch are both excellent, testers said.

Cool Features

The Spectre 2.0 is compatible with tech bindings, step-in AT (frame) bindings and TR2 bindings (which require a combination of low-tech toe fittings with a metal heel lug interface). There’s no lateral cuff adjuster.

Sizes (MP) 
25.0, 25.5—31.5
Hike Mode 
Boot width profile 


  • “Smooth forward flex and powerful edge to edge—good one boot quiver.” -- Bob Egeland
  • “A winner in my book—nimble and quick with solid power to drive the edge.” -- Greg Coulter
  • “Good! Flexes right with power and quickness. Nicely done!” -- Mark Elling
  • “Pleasantly surprised—performs well uphill and down and fit is tuned for all day comfort.” -- Bob Gleason


  • “Inside ankle bone was very uncomfortable—would require shell-work.” -- Mark Elling
  • “A bit of shin pressure at the top of the boot cuff.” -- Bob Gleason

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