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Testers were surprised and impressed with the Spectre, citing its very light weight, massive touring range of motion and better-than-expected edge hold as its primary strengths. Some testers called it a predictable cruiser on the downhill, while others called it cat-like for quickness.

Our test group agreed that this 103mm ran on the snug side—somewhere on the tight side of most medium-width boots. And while most of the boot's grip on the foot was evenly snug, testers agreed that the instep height was lower-roofed than most of the category and a better option for low volume feet or an option for a size-up to gain toe room while maintaining good heel and ankle retention. A few testers cited some peak pressure points and hot spots but felt that liner molding would solve many of them.

For as light as this boot is (very) testers were impressed by its lateral stability and edge hold on firmer snow and at higher speeds. A few testers were less excited about its fore-aft feel and stability, noting a firm tongue feel and a range of back and forth travel that was a bit greater than desired, but at a 110 flex this is not unexpected for taller, heavier skiers.


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  • “Surprisingly powerful for such a lightweight boot!” -- John "Moose" Millslagle
  • “Great skiing boot. Precise and powerful—excellent steering.” -- Bob Kuehn
  • “Stiff, responsive and light—very quick with great feel for the snow.” -- Jim Kinney
  • “Really nice boot for how light it is—one of the best on the market.” -- James Donahue
  • “Great match for softer skis—predictable turn to turn.” -- Larry "Laurent" Smith
  • “Great balanced performance on piste and tours extremely well.” -- Bob Egeland


  • “Buckle adjustments require a smart phone app.” -- John "Moose" Millslagle
  • “This boot will need a bit of work to achieve adequate comfort levels for most foot shapes.” -- Bob Kuehn
  • “Weaker fore-aft support than others in the group.” -- Larry "Laurent" Smith

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