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Testers said the Sparkle was an "efficient and legit" newcomer to the boot test and far-and-away one of the lightest touring boots they tested. The liked the way the hike mode release switch functioned once they figured out its M.O. and unanimously approved of the cuff rotation's range and quality of movement when released for skinning. Downhill performance received adequate marks, but testers said it lagged behind others in the category for stability in challenging terrain and snow conditions.

Testers gave the boot fairly consistent fit marks—with a medium-to-wide fit tension through most of the fit zones, with the exception of the instep, which testers said was especially tight fitting and posed some barrier to entry when putting the boot on.

The Sparkle's designer buckles impressed testers for their cool, machined look but they struggled with the small pin-in-hole functionality, especially with gloves on. Cosmetically, testers claimed that the Sparkle had it going on in the women's backcountry group—top scores there.

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  • “Great range of motion in tour mode! La Sportiva is on to something!” -- Carol 'Ski Mum' Mergenthaler
  • “Great walking and touring boot—very pretty!” --
  • “Light, agile and quick edge to edge.” -- Michael Kendrick Powderly
  • “Well balanced stance with good fore-aft support. Excellent touring capability.” -- Tamara Payton
  • “Stunning range of motion and mobility—effortless skinning.” -- Jana Rogers


  • “I don't have the right foot for this boot—lots of pressure points and hot spots.” --
  • “The buckles may be an issue for people—they were for me.” -- Michael Kendrick Powderly
  • “Low instep fit crushed the top of my foot.” -- Carrie Suriano
  • “They are happier going uphill than down.” -- Tamara Payton

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