K2 B.F.C. 100

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The Gist

Built for Comfort—amen to that, testers said. This is a huge, cushy bucket with an awesome hike (bar) mode (hey even K2 calls it an Apres Mode). It is not built for expert skiers (or advanced ones) but would be a great starter boot for big footed bubbas with large calves.


The entry and exit is without parallel—so easy and smooth (no hands). And once in, the fit is a cushion-monger's dream—so silky soft it's sick (say that with a lisp). The stance is upright, open at the boot top and the cuff is fairly low on the leg, so big-ass calves need to be in there to fill up that space and move the leg into a balanced position. Testers gave the fit scores an even stroke down the maximum and just-shy-of-maximum width column—open, easy and even.


This boot is a surprisingly strong edger if a skilled skier tips the boot sideways. But the edge power sweet spot requires a skier to maintain a balanced position fore and aft, as the boot's low, soft cuff isn't going to help much with that—failing to the rear and collapsing to the front when taxed (some bite, mid-shin for some), testers said. So, it’s a good low-edge-angle cruiser for après-ski-centric folk who will absolutely love the hike (bar) mode here.

Cool Features

Did we mention that the Synchro Interlock cuff release system is super? Easy to use and creates a ton of smooth mobility fore and aft. Did we mention they call it “Après Mode." Tres bon. It also has K2's sweet upper cuff adjustment mechanism.

Sizes (MP) 
24.5, 25.5—30.5
Hike Mode 
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  • “Provides a strong-enough platform that larger skiers will enjoy.” -- Joe Driscoll
  • “Fabulous for the higher volume, less-technically-demanding skier.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Wow! Really surprised—skis like a champ—will be a good one for big dudes.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Great entry and exit, soft and smooth—very comfortable.” -- Erik Korman
  • “Fabulous apres boot with the walk mode.” -- Jeff Harper
  • “My foot, my recliner—round, smooth fit like an Airstream trailer.” -- Mike Evans
  • “Surprising edge power—it's a lateral beast!” -- Mark Elling
  • “Fit is great for the meaty foot and easy of entry and exit will appeal to the big bodied.” -- Bob Gleason


  • “May not be supportive enough for a very big individual.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Entry level performance feel.” -- Jeff Harper
  • “Cuff is a bit low on the leg and shin fit started poor but got better.” -- Mark Elling

This boot available at...

Revelstoke, BC
Taos Ski Valley, NM
Hotham Heights, VIC
Seattle, WA
Ellicottville, NY

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