Full Tilt Seth Morrison Pro

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The return of the Seth Morrison Pro Model again impressed our test team with its stiffer #10 tongue that bumped up the fore-aft stability for a stable ride off-piste that our taller and heavier testers appreciated. The classic, even Full Tilt flex feel is still in effect here, just firmer with a better defined stopping point and powerful delivery of inputs to the ski.

The Intuition Pro liner is the densest construction of the three that Full Tilt offers, and this more rigid spiral-wrapping construction combines well with the stiffness upgrade to amplify the power transmission to the ski while maintaining a light feel underfoot. The Seth Morrison is one of the lightest boots in the category, and it also buried testers' gauges for ease of entry and exit as well as for perceived warmth levels. The newer FTS (Full Tilt Soul) shell shape is more open in the toebox but still close fitting through the heel, ankle and lower leg, which the pre-molded liner contours around nicely. Full heat molding only enhanced testers' fit scores, allowing the foot to seat more deeply and gain a bit more toe room—the fit runs short, testers agreed.

No, the Seth does not have a hike mode—nobody said you have to have one of them things to be in the All-Mountain Adventure category anyway! The shock absorbing bootboard and grippy, replaceable toe and heel plates give this a more off-piste oriented suspension and sure traction for the boot-pack. It's light, it's got a nice flex feel—loosen up the buckles and start putting one foot in front of the other, that's the original hike mode!

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  • “Slimey, slippery moves. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Put it on and go ski. ” -- Larry "Laurent" Smith
  • “Best park boot. Handles groomers and steeps better than any other park specific boots. ” -- Andrew Barr
  • “Quick underfoot. Foot steering movements are snappy and effective.” -- Bob Gleason


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