Fischer Ranger 12 Vacuum Full Fit

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The Ranger 12 Vacuum returns tougher, with a more comfortable fit and a stealthy matte finish that appealed to testers. They gave it "brand new couch" comfort scores as well as also top marks for agility and quickness. A nice combo.

The Vacuum process was a hit with our custom process testers. They all noted major post-Vac improvements in toebox and forefoot fit. Depending on their individual molding needs, several mentioned a general evening of the fit elsewhere or slight tightening in the heel ankle and lower leg. The new moldable rear spoiler improved the calf fit for our testers, an improvement from last year’s model.

The plastic used in the Ranger 12 shell apparently had some Cialis sprinkled in the formula. It was stiffer than its predecessor. Testers approved but our bigger guys said it could use still another pill.

The Ranger 12 moves well laterally, precise and powerful rail-to-rail with a sensitive connection to the snow and ski. Fore-aft balance proved a little elusive for our off-the-shelf testers who found the boot a bit upright. Our custom testers, however, were happy after the Vacuum process. The stance improvements that come with the Vacuum process continues to impress our test team and highlight the importance of the process.

Testers concurred that the Ranger 12 Vacuum is light, easy on and off, and has a smooth and respectable range of cuff movement when the Hike Ride Lock feature is disengaged.

Sizes (MP) 
23.5, 24.5—31.5
Hike Mode 
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  • “Absorbs vibrations nicely. ” -- Larry "Laurent" Smith
  • “Walk mode is righteousness. ” --
  • “Ease of flexion and light weight. Macro adjustment buckles are the bomb. ” -- Mike Evans
  • “Fun boot! Forgiving without being compromising. Great all day boot for the all mountain adventurer. ” -- Greg Phillips
  • “Performance and all day comfort. ” -- Garrick Dardani
  • “Go anywhere and you will get a good secure ride. ” -- Marc Stewart


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Westborough, MA
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Columbia, SC
Newton, MA
Westwood, NJ
Ann Arbor, MI

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