Fischer Hybrid W 10+ Vacuum Full Fit

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We’ve tested Fischer’s Vacuum technology before and it works great. Unfortunately, this year no Vacuum system was available for our test camp.  So we skied the Hybrid W 10+ Vacuum Full Fit stock out of the box. Our testers, many of whom ski regularly in narrow last boots, liked how well it fit and skied with no alterations. Mind you, off the rack it fits like a narrow-medium or a medium-narrow, which it should at a starting width of 98mm. Post-Vacuum, it can grow to a whopping 108mm.


Most testers described a slightly too-tight fit everywhere with just a touch of breathing room in the toebox. That’s when your tech will deploy the Vacuum Full Fit option to open up the fit in the forefoot and instep while maintaining a perfectly snug ankle and heel. The Vacuum 2Zone station provides “two-zone heating.” You can vary the snugness independently between front and rear of a Vacuum boot.  Just tell your fit tech tighter or looser until it's just right and it will be so.


Testers liked the lateral pop and energy, especially on smooth surfaces. Quick and tactile, the Hybrid W 10+ is sensitive underfoot and fast to react. Some thought the off-the-rack forward lean angle was a touch too advanced and said they'd Vacuum mold the boot using the 14-degree forward lean setting to straighten up the stance.

They thought the 100 flex mark Fischer claims was false modesty. It’s no push-over, they said, calling the flex smooth and powerful. Testers gave the hike-mode range of motion and cuff rotation a thumbs-up but thought the Hybrid W was a little too heavy and furry for long, sweaty skin-sojourns. They said it was fine for quick outings not far from the chair or a stroll to grab an après ski hot toddy.

Cool Features

Super moldable Ultralon foam liner helps personalize fit and can be molded in concert with the Vacuum process or separately. The new buckles are jazzy.

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  • “Allows nice travel in walk mode.” -- Emily Poore
  • “Excellent, well-definede heel pocket and ankle.” --
  • “Fluffy liners are always a plus!” -- Julia Carr
  • “This was a fun boot—agile and dynamic!” -- Emma Christensen
  • “Flex is progressive and smooth—good support and power.” -- Lee Ann Ross


  • “Fits narrow and overly forward out of the box—vacuum would help.” -- Emily Poore
  • “Doesn't feel very wide and my quads are firing!” -- Julia Carr

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Pagosa Springs, CO
Revelstoke, BC
Breckenridge, CO
Westwood, NJ
Ann Arbor, MI
Glenmont, NY
Chicago, IL

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