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Testers approved of this year's new spiral-wrapping EVA liner in both Stormtrooper models, noting that its implementation into the stiffer ST2 made entry and exit impressively better by padding the foot's slide past the stiff cabrio throat of the lower boot. While the firm liner gave testers a few pressure points on initial try-on, these mellowed with a few runs and those who fully molded the liners got a personalized fit that eradicated all hot spots.


Testers said the flex feel is stout—beefed up over last year's version by way of the addition of firm liner material filling the boot cuff—bumping up scores for stability and power to the edge this year. The boot's short boot sole length seems to allow for a nice feel underfoot, though testers who didn't have demo bindings made note that without a binding re-mount they'd be a little too forward on their skis. And most testers found the internal length fit a little short as well. At 99mm, the boot rides the fence between true narrows and mediums—going up one size would seal the deal for plenty of room to spread out.


According to testers the ST2's best feature remains the five position forward lean adjustment on the boot's rear spine which can be set in one of two different skiing positions—either a more fixed-rigid flex or long forward travel flex setting—and in one of five different forward lean settings. Additionally, the mechanism offers a full-release position that lets the boot function in hike mode—and testers agreed the range of motion is long and natural-feeling both fore and aft. As a fore-aft balance note, most of our testers preferred the middle setting (#3) of the five available, but depending on a skier's binding set-up he might like more forward #2 or more upright #4.

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