Dalbello KR 2 Chakra

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This year's KR 2 Chakra returns with a  cool cosmetic overhaul that I test team liked and impressed again for its "yummy" initial fit and liner feel as well as its lateral agility and feel for the snow.

The KR 2 Chakra is the little sister of the KR 2 Pro but she's her own woman—in fact, the lower shell mold is a women's specific shape, which is a rare thing. Usually a women's boot is all liner magic, so a dedicated shell shape, gender specific liner construction (more flared open calf and tighter heel) speaks to our women's test team.

The boot is available all the way down to a size 21.0 and that's junior boot range, so another check in the women's fit issue tally. In fact, smaller and lighter weight skiers would do well here, as our bigger and more aggressive testers said the boot didn't hold up at its billed 95 flex index in. Our petite testers and those with a lighter touch on snow liked the progressive three-piece flex range. Testers all agreed that the lateral stance and feel for the snow from edge to edge was excellent.

With the exception of a shorter than average length fit and a narrowish calf, testers felt the boot had a more medium-ish fit tension best suited to the average to slender lower leg shape. This "relaxed-narrow," plus Contour 4 shell shaping that provides a little extra room for typical bony parts like the navicular and fifth metatarsal makes this boot a potential fit match for plenty of average foot types.

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  • “Like sliding into a sleeping bag—slam dunk! Great performance.” --
  • “Upright but workable. Comfortable with good edge power.” -- Brigid Kennaday
  • “Good adjustments for a variety of issues—great all around boot.” --
  • “Consistent feeling flex.” -- Linda Parazoo
  • “Stiff enough for powerful carved turns and quick.” -- Nancy Walther
  • “Warm and posh—smooth edge to edge.” -- Jana Rogers


  • “Could be narrower for the category.” --
  • “I could have used some filler around the ankles—I.D. liner for me.” --
  • “Shell is a little pokey over the top of the foot on entry.” -- Linda Parazoo
  • “Forward flex will collapse when taxed.” -- Jana Rogers

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Warren, VT
Westborough, MA
Costa Mesa, CA
Seattle, WA

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