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There’s often a trade-off to be made when selecting a hike mode boot for true off area missions. Do you get a lightweight, agile AT model that sacrifices on challenging downhills or opt for a more alpine-centric version that lags a bit going up but dominates the down?

We have a few testers mulling over that dichotomy for their own boots and they all said the Shiva MX, a best-of-both worlds hybrid, relieved them of making that decision.  It’s light enough for some trekking and boasts class-topping, frictionless touring range of motion but also churns out on-area model power and precision.

Testers liked the Shiva MX’s strong link to the ski, putting it on edge and driving it hard when asked. It never buckled through demanding terrain at higher speeds. They also liked its predictable, responsive nature at slower speeds. Its balanced position (a touch forward-leaning in its stock setting of the two available—the other is even more forward-leaning) put them in a position to execute dynamic movements in the fall line no matter the speed or snow conditions.

Testers said that it fit felt a little shorter in length than average and that the instep height provided a little more room than the medium width norm. Beyond that, the 100mm fit was a true medium width both in the lower and upper cuff.

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  • “Burly. Excels on the downhill. Excellent sidecountry option with graceful, fluid touring ROM.” -- Jana Rogers
  • “Easy and fun but still able to crush everything in its path. Sturdy and powerful.” -- Tamara Payton
  • “Stable forward flex and comfortable while touring. Buckles were easy to operate with gloves on.” -- Carol 'Ski Mum' Mergenthaler
  • “Pretty dreamy. Skis so well, so snug, such a perfect stance and flex.” -- Emily Poore
  • “Super solid throughout all radius turns. Powerful adventuring boot.” -- Michael Kendrick Powderly


  • “I grew fatigued quickly due to the aggressive forward lean angle. And the second setting is even more forward.” --
  • “Toebox is a bit tight and liner had some pressure points. Needs cooking.” -- Emily Poore

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