Black Diamond Factor MX

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Having a chance to test the Factor MX in the All-Mountain Adventure category with its Alpine DIN sole set up against more on-area style hike mode boots made for interesting comparisons. It became apparent to testers that the Factor's through-bolted foundation made it one of the strongest boots in the group. For as light as this boot is (it and the Scarpa Freedom are the lightest of the category) the Factor MX impressed the test team with how well it drives a ski. Hard snow, variable junk—it didn't matter, the Factor resisted twisting off or deflecting no matter what testers threw at it.

The key to its lateral stability is the fact that the modular soles are bolted through the shell and directly into the rigid internal bootboard, solidifying the interface with the ski bindings and providing a more positive and immediate link to skiing movements. Testers called it surprisingly quick and powerful on edge.

The boot's simple, traditional appearances are misleading as the core features are sophisticated and highly functional. The hike mode is solidly engaged for skiing, but when released, the cuff is wide-ranging both backward and forward due to a uniquely engineered internal shell cutaway that allows for softer forward movement in hike mode. This, in concert with a low-friction and unobstructed glide path, makes the Factor MX one of very few boots that can claim a tour mode which operates on the same high level as its skiing performance.

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  • “Good power from a stiff, upright position.” -- Bob Egeland
  • “Simple and functional adjustments” -- Larry "Laurent" Smith
  • “Really good edge power with a perfect stance set-up.” -- Andrew Orlich
  • “I didn't expect it to ski as well as it did…surprise. Best skiing Black Diamond boot yet.” -- Bob Kuehn
  • “Feels very similar to non-hike style boots.” -- Jim Kinney
  • “The Factor MX is a well-orchestrated evolution—contains the foot comfortably. Great snow sensitivity with a solid punch underfoot.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Super surprised at the boot's edge hold—skied some hard snow without any loss of edge power.” -- Mike Evans
  • “Skis great. Super balance and feel. Amazing walk feature.” -- Mark Elling
  • “The best range of all the hike modes and fun to ski.” -- John Kole


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