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The revised MC-X  impressed testers with its initial fit and feel, starting with the custom closure of the double Boa Coiler reel inner boot and continuing with the way the boot gripped the foot when mated with the nano-fiber, two-buckle chassis. The new, closer tolerance fit of the inner boot toe and chassis toe cup was evident when sliding into the frame with a vacuum-bagged feel. The fit was an even "medium," except for a particularly short fit lengthwise, even for testers who went up one size from their norm. Apex's sizing recommendation is one to two sizes larger than a skier's typical boot size.

The MC-X's performance on snow was impressive, laterally, with testers commenting that the chassis's upper shaft was the power headquarters of the boot—keep the lower leg aligned within that column for tipping and ripping crossover moves that drove the ski with authority. The more snug interface between inner boot and frame was a clear improvement for boot to ski inputs and crisp transitions turn to turn.

Testers were less excited about the fore-aft set-up of the MC-X. While the new forward lean adjustment is a huge improvement over previous Apex iterations, testers found the MC-X's fore-aft balance point elusive. Most found the stance more forward-feeling than the MC-3, even in the same forward lean setting, and a few commented that the flex collapsed when tasked. Straightening the stance one stop further and adding a stiffer elastomer to the flex arm were our test team's suggestions for easily accomplished performance tweaks.

The tri-layer, dual density outsole with Ice Tech Vibram lugs walked like a dream—grippy sticky striding at its best and super light on the foot. The best-of-the-rest walkability of the Apex inner boot is undeniably nice.

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  • “Quickness ski to ski, edge to edge” -- Mike Evans
  • “Skiing on a low angle edge is where this boot shines.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Fun to ski, very playful. Very comfortable and warm... ” -- Eric Kipp
  • “Cooked the liner and felt right at home. Definitely real comfortable.” -- Andrew Barr


  • “Shell is oddly confusing, even with only 2 buckles.” --
  • “Becomes timid with energy and speed.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Boot collapsed when pressured.” -- Andrew Barr

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Big Bear Lake, CA
Morris Plains, NJ
Steamboat Springs, CO
Breckenridge, CO

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