Alpina Elite 130

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The Gist

Heat molding the Elite 130's liner was key to evening-out the lower boot fit and tapping into the boot's solid edging game. The on-board InTemp heater system is slickest ever created.


Testers said the boot fits short and uncharacteristically tight for a supposedly wide last. The toebox, forefoot and instep all rang the narrow-fit bell initially.  There is more room flaring back toward the rearfoot and up into the cuff.

After heat molding the well-padded liner, they found a more even fit. Testers said that due to the short length and tight toebox, up-sizing may be the way to achieve a true wide-last spirit here. Let your bootfitter know if you find the initial try-on size too confining. Testers liked the softer-than-130 flex feel but said it came to abrupt halt at the end of its range.


Side-to-side moves were rewarded in the form of fat trenches. It was stable at speed and offered plenty of edge grip and power on hard and soft snow alike. Testers thought the thick liner robbed the boot of some of its quickness aptitude but on the flip side it made for a shock-absorbing ride through off-piste chop. The hike mode is easily actuated (you can even do it with a ski pole tip) and provides an adequate range of movement. Testers said the boot is on the heavy side for the category.

Cool Features

The InTemp heater system raises not only the temperature but the design bar for heaters.  The liner toebox has a thin Mylar wrap-around heating element to provide a surround-heat effect. The slim battery is stowed in the back portion of the liner. The InTemp charger costs $200 extra. The Volume Control Plate (VCP) bootboard can be flipped upside down to create a lower-volume fit.

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  • “A+ for effort with the built-in heater!” --
  • “Actually skied nice and has a killer built-in heater in the liner.” -- Greg Hoffmann
  • “Strong boot for a big skier.” -- Jeff Harper
  • “Beefy and damp with a fair amount of chutzpa.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “A+ for effort with the built-in heater!” --


  • “Skiing was precise and predictable—the padded liner flowed around the ankles.” -- Mike Evans
  • “Ponderous steering with an all-over-the-place fit.” -- Eric Kipp
  • “Doesn't fit like a wide.” -- Greg Hoffmann
  • “Spongy liner feel takes away from any quickness.” -- Chris Wiberg
  • “Vice-like up front—tighter than some narrow fits.” --

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