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Testers loved how well the Scott Cosmos Pro gripped the heel, ankles and instep--a fantastic fit for the low volume foot, they said. They also liked the indoor flex feel for it's smooth, progressive feel and long range of travel. The Cosmos Pro is one of the best in class for its touring range of motion and its smooth quality of stride, testers said. They also love its stealthy black look and clean, shapely lines.

The Cosmos Pro is described as a 103.5mm last, which would indicate a wide boot by alpine standards. Often, backcountry boot manufacturers may use a larger size (27/27.5) for this measurement, so that could explain some of the width discrepancy, but testers scored the boot with 1's and 2's, fit tension metrics that should suit the tightest of the narrow boots we test. Testers noted that the Cosmos Pro fits short, lengthwise, and suggested that most skiers would want to size up to ensure enough room for the toes while touring--this, also could close the gap between the advertised width and its fit reality, testers surmised. They advised that this would be a good one to try-on in person before buying to select the right size, or at least be sure of the return policies in place for an online purchase (which of course we brick-and-mortar bootfitter types can't support).

Some testers found a bit of a disconnect between the static flex feel they experienced during dry testing and the way the forward flex held up during skiing. A couple testers mentioned that once clamped into the bindings, the Cosmos Pro was rendered somewhat collapsible under firm flexing movements. They suggested that lighter skiers or those with a softer touch on snow would avoid taxing its fore-aft stability. Other testers made no mention of this issue and instead complimented the Cosmos Pro on its consistent and controlled edging game, powered by the snug, well-wrapped fit on the foot and leg.

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  • “The Cosmos Pro fits well, has a great walk mode and is super light weight. Both Cosmos boots fit a little short--people should size up if they're in between sizes.” -- Mark Elling
  • “Very good grip on my rearfoot and lower leg. Nicely balanced BC boot. Great fit tension for ski control.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Functional light weight design. Movement from turn to turn is balanced and engages the edge.” -- Bob Gleason


  • “F'ing tight!” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “Indoors, the Cosmos Pro has a decent flex feel but once you click into your bindings it all falls apart--collapsible in the cuff and uncomfortable during flexion over the midfoot. Also becomes apparent that there's too much ramp angle in the bootboard.” -- Mark Elling
  • “ It's crushing my toes.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Lower volume fit than claimed.” -- Bob Gleason

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