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Testers were a little bittersweet about the new Scarpa Maestrale RS because, well, they really liked the old Maestrale RS. But, as with most change, there were good things to look forward to as well in this same-name but very different Maestrale RS--particularly how well it skis! Testers gave the new Maestrale RS a perfect 5.00 in Edge Power, the highest score in that metric across the board in the Backcountry category. As expected the Maestrale RS didn't lose a step in its uphill game, with testers loving its stride length, smooth quality and light weight upon the foot--as usual.

This is a power-packed minimalist uphill-downhill machine, testers said, pointing to the carbon core inserts in the lower shell and cuff as the light and rigid foundation that bolstered the Grilamid Bio and Pebax R-New plastics' transmissive qualities. This boot delivered real alpine-level power to the edge, testers said, and while they said it was energetic and springy feeling, it wasn't fidgety and remained damp-enough when controlling big skis at speed over variable snow surfaces. More than one tester commented on its on-area descent capabilities and its confidence-inspiring reliability in demanding terrain.

For the right feet and leg shapes the Maestrale's downhill game sealed the deal for testers as their new favorite BC boot. For testers whose feet and legs fell outside (i.e. wider or higher volume) the Maestrale RS's fit map, well, they were less enthused. The new Maestrale RS fit is not as universally mediumish or forgiving (read, well-padded) as its predecessor. Testers described something of a platypus bill as the foot shape required for the new Maestrale RS--wide at the toes and forefoot and low, vertically, through the instep and midfoot. While the 102mm descriptor might indicate a wide fit, testers said that only related to the width at the forefoot, as the three-dimensional space was more snug-medium in fit character. Testers mentioned that the heel pocket and calf were particularly snug, which suited some of our testers perfectly.

The boot feels close to the snow, with very little bulk separating foot movements from ground feel, and testers liked this performance trait for quick and sensitive steering and edging movements. But the shell also feels quite close to the foot and the liner is spartan in its cushioning, so testers with wider or bonier feet found some hot spots to whine about.

Testers liked the updated features here, like a revised walk mode switch that they found easy and solid, and they liked the forward lean adjustment that offered a two-degrees more upright or more forward cuff position if needed. The variety of buckle and strap styles provided for some initial fiddling about, as cabrio BC boots will, but testers liked the closure system once they worked out the bugs.

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  • “The new Scarpa Maestrale RS seems to have followed the path of the 4-Quattro mold shape which is super low to the floor and tuned-in to the ski. Plenty of room in the toebox and forefoot. Skis quite well--strong, agile, responsive.” -- Mark Elling
  • “Skis largely like a full on traditional, strong alpine boot. Bouncy and snappy! I could make this a daily driver. ” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Fits like a glove. Great boot. I could take this one home. Solid.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Firm comfort--I could own this boot for the backcountry.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “The turn development is purposeful. Solid power over the ski. I would be confident taking these into challenging terrain.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “This is a great touring boot (if you have a really flat foot and want a lot of toe room)!” -- Christian Sigvartsen


  • “It's a little bit boxy and a little bit tight over the top of the midfoot--lacks padding and shape. There's an edge at the top of the cuff. This version is relatively uncomfortable compared to the Maestrale RS of old.” -- Mark Elling
  • “The initially harsh fit (feels all over the place) and challenge of putting them on can be somewhat off-putting or intimidating but probably worth it, in my opinion.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Surprisingly boxy in forefoot--cavernous.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Lumpy and bumpy high-pressure fit over the midfoot.” -- Christian Sigvartsen

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Taos Ski Valley, NM
Ludlow, VT
Long Lake, MN
Portland, OR
Telluride, CO
Stowe, VT
Telluride, CO

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