Rossignol Hi-Speed Elite 130 Carbon LV

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The Rossignol Hi-Speed Elite 130 Carbon LV GW returned unchanged to our boot test and our team again put it at the very top of the competitive narrow All-Mountain Traditional group. Well, it was fourth down from the top, but it was out of the first spot by only 0.03 points, so we're calling it a virtual four-way tie for first there. Last year's debut of the Hi-Speed line impressed testers with a closer, more anatomically sculpted fit and quicker, more energetic response to the edge. Those elements struck testers again this year.

The Hi-Speed Elite offered a tightening-up of Rossi's narrow performance offering (predecessor Allspeed Elite) and yet testers say that the Hi-Speed Elite still trends toward the slightly roomier side of the narrow last group. Not by much, testers said, but Rossi has not lost its comfort and warmth edge over the competition, even as it hammers a ski through variable terrain or drives it in a gouging arc against hard snow. Testers love the just right liner that's firm enough in the heel and ankle without offending bony points, and they said that the feel against the foot from the first slide in was top of class.

The closer fit of the Hi-Speed Elite bumps its quickness scores--testers awarded it a 4.83 there, but it's A-game is in its brutish power against the ski edge where testers gave it a perfect 5.00. This is one of those boots where testers mention that it skis surprisingly powerfully in comparison to its pleasant fit and entry-exit demeanor. Its carbon infused polyurethane cuff is stiff and transmissive and the polyurethane lower shell remains damp and stable. This is a solid-feeling boot that reminds good skiers what real boot plastic in proper shell wall thicknesses feels like (feels good, is what they say).


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  • “Needs to be driven, it ain't an Uber boot. Powerhouse control with a smooth road ride--liner is super comfy.” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “Very, very impressed. Skied against the Atomic Hawx Ultra and I think I liked this better. A super hero would wear these boots. Best turns of the test.” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “The Rossi Hi-Speed Elite 130 occupies the roomy end of the narrow fit spectrum but the comfort and warmth and convenience outweighs any loss of transmission--which is not obvious, anyway. The Hi-Speed Elite skis really well and is super balanced. The forefoot is tuned in to the floor and the flex feel is comfortable and positive. Other than a little extra room there should be no complaints here.” -- Mark Elling
  • “SOOO close to the shell, firm, secure--inspires confidence. SUPER tight lateral column. Feels powerful. Big performance impact with minimal input. Great tool for strong skiing.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Rossi has improved this boot. It is now competitive with some of the very best boot models. Very snappy and positive edge turnover.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Really easy on and off for a 130-flex LV model, with very sophisticated liner technology. Great fit straight out of the box.” -- Greg Hoffmann
  • “Feels really good for my foot shape. Great boot.” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Great wrap of the whole foot. ” -- Charlie Bradley
  • “The initial feel of the boot is inviting. The boot performs at a high level. The power is substantial but purposeful. ” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Ideal narrow fit. Perfect in every way.” -- Kevin Gabriel


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Plymouth, MI
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