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Can't decide if you like buckles or a BOA? Can't decide if you're going to stay in-bounds or venture out on a quick skin mission? The new Nordica Unlimited 105 W Dyn lets you waffle happily in between with a buckleized cable system (or is it a cableized buckle system) and straight 50-50 hybrid versatility with a newfound and comfortably long touring stride that leaves the now-extinct freeriding Strider in the dust.

The Unlimited line-up impressed both our women's and men's test teams, and they both agreed it was a big step forward for Nordica's tech-compatible all-mountain hike mode model. Where the Strider was more alpine descender than uphill mover, testers say that the Unlimited brings a lighter (and slightly tighter) package that walks and tours like a dream but without losing a step on the down. If anything, the Unlimited's skiing power remained solid but brought a fresh energy and pop to the game.

Testers liked the Wire System Closure for its weight reduction and its pulley-powered mechanical advantage for closing up the lower boot but they also liked the fact that the cabling was tensioned with buckles--some of our testers said there were far too many knobs in ski land already and they simply preferred good ole buckles. The polyamide shell and Triax (polypropylene) cuff construction further shaved some weight but testers said that the light plastics didn't feel weak or twitchy. Several testers commented on the boot's rapid-fire quickness from turn to turn as well as the shell's resilient flex feel. One tester called it "boingy," and that was a compliment! Quick, responsive, light underfoot--those were all good things for testers, and they said that power and stability was not sacrificed in dropping a weight class.

Fitwise testers were impressed with the anatomical mirroring of the foot and leg displayed by the combination of liner and shell shape. The 3D Cork Fit W Primaloft Light liner (that's gotta be good right?) was warm and lightweight, as the name would suggest, but testers liked that it didn't crumple on entry or exit and offered both a good out-of-box fit and easy moldability. A couple testers thought the fit over the top of the midfoot was a little aggressive but they also mentioned that this fit zone improved just by skiing a few runs--in general testers put the Unlimited 105 W on the snug side of the medium-width freeride group.

With improved touring range of motion and lighter weight than the Strider, but without any loss of power and some quickness upgrades, testers called the Unlimited a win for Nordica and an easy choice for skiers looking for get-around options without giving up downhill dependability.

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  • “Putting this on, it feels comfy enough that you could ski it for hours , but firm enough that you know you've got a ski boot on. Feels more anatomical than its predecessor, the Strider. The heel hold is legitimate and the spine doesn’t seem to have a particularly hingey feeling. Not the lightest, not the heaviest, more resort than traditional tour, but honestly a great boot to enter the world of uphill in! Nice.” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “Consistent fit from toe to calf. Cable buckle system (super cool) on lower boot provided a really enjoyable, dispersed pressure across the top of foot. It has a smooth flex pattern and even pressure distribution in the lower boot.” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Wow! Very surprised! This boot skied amazingly well. Great boot--super "boingy" and fun!” -- Liz Elling
  • “Great foot feel--quick and agile--and good range of motion in walk mode. It's a little lighter than some of its competition.” -- Emily Poore
  • “I can imagine spending a full day in this boot, whether hiking or resort skiing. It's just cushy enough to aid in circulation without the feel of a tour-specific boot. I'd recommend this boot to someone looking for something on-off area! ” -- Melodie Buell


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