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Testers liked the new Anthem 115 W BOA for its well-shaped and cozy liner paired with an easy in and buckled (BOA'd?) up closure system, and appreciated it even more for its convenient, go-everywhere skiing feel. Testers said not to fret over the too-soft feeling flex during indoor try-on as the thin shell wall polyurethane plastic firms up nicely out in the cold.

The light-in-hand feel of the Anthem boot remained intact with this new BOA version, as did the ease of getting this on and off, testers said. The BOA's cable tension can be completely released by pulling out on the reel with an obvious click, but testers found that there was no need to pull out any cable slack in order to slide into the boot and if they did, they discovered they just had to take more time to reel that slack back in to get things properly done up. Once in, testers liked the traditional buckles on the cuff and got the BOA tension figured out a click at a time by rotating the wheel forward to tighten and rearward to loosen. Testers affirmed that the BOA closure system did allow the lower boot to wrap incrementally tighter against the foot without distorting shape--to a point. The agreed that this is a generous medium width fit and some testers felt that in order to achieve a snug fit they did get to a point where the nice shape over the top of the foot began to flatten out somewhat under BOA constriction. Testers note that there is a slick pocket built into the liner over the toes as a way to add fit tension without having to max the cable closure and crush the bony midfoot.

The test team cast a majority vote in favor of how the Anthem skied--light underfoot and agile in its all-mountain attack, swiftly negotiating technical moves when guided by a deft skier pilot. The ex-racer crowd in our crew thought it lacked a little horsepower due to the thin shell wall plastic, but others loved its accuracy of steering and light weight feel--a heavy, damp race boot it is not, they all agreed.

The Anthem 115 W BOA offers an Ultralon heat moldable liner, though testers liked its out-of-box shape and thought a full temp cook should be reserved for moderating some fit inconsistencies that others might experience. The elasticized Booster-style power strap with cam buckle was a hit for a firm and well-distributed closure at the boot top where testers liked the shin fit, if a little soft for some. Cuff adjustment is enabled by the elliptical mix-and-match inserts for a solid connection between upper and lower, and alpine DIN soles are available for the GripWalk deniers out there, but they don't come in the box.

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  • “This boot runs a bit more on the generous side of the medium width group. The addition of BOA to the boot also seems to bring with it a heartier feeling liner this year. It still has that same, trusted K2 step-in comfort, but has a sturdier feel on snow where the boot is snappy. The characteristic of a thin walled plastic is there, keeping you feeling light and nimble. This boot just looks so cool, you’ll want to be seen in it! ” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “Great skiing boot once it cooled down. Don't be fooled by its room temperature flex feel--it's legit once you're out skiing.” -- Liz Elling
  • “Wide toebox and then tapers to the rear, gets super snug in the heel. Heel and ankle is a narrow, then flares again in the calf.” -- Kori Coggin
  • “There are a whole lot of cool features in this boot. There is a cuff adjustment. It is easy to move the buckle ladders over as the place behind where the little gizmo goes in is well-designed so that it doesn't spin as you try to screw it back in. It has a legitimate power strap instead of a cheesey hunk of Velcro.” -- Lee Ann Ross
  • “The new BOA feature is pretty cool. Anthem 115 fits great, skis strong.” -- Emily Poore


  • “The BOA required a lot more tension than expected to achieve the mid-volume feeling, and due to this a bit of the instep collapsed on top of my foot, flattening the fit feel there. ” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “Pretty jabby on my instep.” -- Liz Elling
  • “The plastic is very thin and cheap feeling. Hard to get any response or feedback from the boot. Soft cuff wasn't supportive--feels like Fisher Price made this boot. ” -- Kori Coggin

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Snowmass Village, CO
Warren, VT
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Mammoth Lakes, CA
Telluride, CO
Telluride, CO
Seattle, WA

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