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This boot's full name reads like a cross between Elon Musk's kid and a Spanish royal--but like any good code the Fischer Pro MV ZF BOA CFC GW is packed with secret meaning designed to explain exactly how it managed to kick so much ass at this year's boot test.

The Pro is used to indicated a 140-flex step up from the other similar MV's in the line-up this year--testers loved how stout this Pro was, without losing a progressive and even flex feel against the leg. The MV identifies its internal forefoot width of 100mm and testers said it was fairly well placed in the middle of the fit tension range for medium width boots. ZF might get german transmission geeks excited but here it means ZipFit liner, which is offered in two Pro models this year and also as a standalone product for separate purchase. BOA as a modifier is pretty straightforward--this is one of them reel-spinner boots we're hearing so much about and it's a feature that testers said worked just fine here, not out of place at all. CFC is not an ozone-depleting aerosol but rather a Carbon-Fused-Cuff that bolts onto a regular polyurethane lower shell (no Vacuplast found here), and is basically another way of spelling BEAST, our testers confirmed. GW is not an ex-president but stands for GripWalk soles that come mounted on this model.

There's a lot to be found in a name, but testers found that there was even more to unpack once they'd gotten this boot on their feet. One tester said that it had multiple fit personalities, from its inititial out-of-box fit to its on-snow break-in period to its polished persona after a more formal liner molding session--and none of them were bad! The ZipFit offers some entry challenge to be managed, with the overwhelming preference being to put on the liner, snug the laces, then ram the foot-liner combo into the shell, plug boot style. It's actually pretty easy once the method has been practiced a few times, and for those with knobby midfoot bumps that chronically get whacked on the way into boots, a laced-up liner protects that spot quite well, even during the most violent shell entry ramming.

Once inhabiting the inner shell sanctum with cuff buckles and BOA done up, the ZipFit exerts a firm squeeze against the rear foot and base of the lower leg, yet flares into the forefoot and toebox as well as the calf for some additional breathing room there. The firm cork-flow ankle pockets of the ZF liner begin to warm and conform (slowly) as the skier wears the boot, and after a couple runs the fit had improved substantially for testers. Skiers trying on this boot in consideration for purchase should be mindful that the liner's shape will somewhat match the last person who tried it on, and give it a little bit of time to warm up before rendering judgment. Many of our testers went so far as to heat mold the ZipFit liner, using both a convection oven and a hot stacks, and found that both methods were beneficial to a more personalized fit, though the convection oven warmed the liner liner exterior in addition to its insides, which made for a more locked-in match with the shell's interior shape and less internal shearing or slippage during aggressive skiing.

The polyurethane lower shell and polyurethane with infused carbon in the cuff meant business, testers said, claiming that this MV skied as strongly as any boot in the group, powered by traditional, damp and stable plastic. It's perfect score for Anatomical Fit was matched with another 5.00 for Quickness and Steering, so testers backed up their positive comments with top tier metrics as well. They liked the pro-level features like a fat power strap with a cam lock buckle and rigid cuff adjusting inserts (non-neutral inserts available separately). They liked the Boa too, quite a bit, for a new way to close up the fit of the lower boot--but that's what it was, a new take on tightening an already great boot, not the one thing that made it special.


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  • “It takes time (just a few days of skiing) for the liner to completely form to your foot. Be patient, it's worth it.” -- Jim Morris
  • “The custom heat mold test on the ZipFit liner was a success--definitely improved the general fit quicker, especially through the ankle, lower leg and heel. It wasn't a dramatic difference but enough that it's worth doing. It does not overly open-up the fit--it's still quite snug. It's good that it's not something that's required--you can try-on or ski it straight out of the box with no extra steps.” -- Mark Elling
  • “Kind of has multiple volume personalities--it initially fit my low volume foot like it was a low volume shell before it relaxed during skiing, and then heat molding the ZipFit offers a whole other level of fit conformation. BOA does a fantastic job at evenly drawing-in the shell and closing down the instep perimeter without distortion of shape. ” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Really enjoyed feeling the completion of each turn--rebound was quick and very responsive. Great power and feel for snow with nice, predictable steering” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “The fit was much improved after just a few minutes heat molding the ZipFit liner. Steers well, and moderately quick. The firm foot envelopment is the boot's best quality. Fischer is on to something with ZipFit.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Snappy and fun! Skied like I wanted it to. This was my first BOA boot I've ever skied in and it delivered. I was skeptical at first but it was a great idea to partner with ZipFit, in my opinion.” -- Dallas Goldsmith


  • “Initially tight at the midfoot and calf for a medium width--had to remove the spoiler. This liner was also a bit hard on shin initially, and it feels like liner is moving around in shell--not enough jelly in the donut. Note that all these problems improved after heat molding the ZipFit liner.” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Feels thick and heavy.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “I felt like I needed instructions on how to put it on. Not a huge fan of going in liner first, then shell but there's almost no other way to get into a ZipFit liner.” -- Dallas Goldsmith

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