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Testers loved the Fischer RC4 95 HV for how thick and pillowy it felt against the foot and leg, with plenty of room at the forefoot, instep and calf for the typical higher volume foot and leg. They were surprised (and a little concerned) by how tightly the heel was gripped in this 102mm wide ride, but for women who have a wide forefoot and thick calf paired with a slender heel testers said this was a match made in heaven. It was not much of a surprise to see that our test team gave the 95 HV's Convenience, Warmth & Features score a perfect five, but it was a shock to see it match that 5.00 in the Quickness metric--for the target audience at a 95-flex, testers said it was spot on for an accurate steering response.

The RC4 95 HV's fore-aft stance was a touch more upright than some, which testers thought paired well with the ample room at the cuff that accommodated a thick calf--the muscle mass of which usually drives the leg a bit more forward, in this case ending up right where it should be rather than flexed into a quad-crushing wall sit. The side-to-side angles were neutral and offered easy edging for our test team, which was fortunate as there is no on-board cuff adjustment mechanism in Fischer's RC4 HV boots.

This is a Vacuum model, which Fischer downplays a bit nowadays, happy instead to focus on its good, out-of-box fit that usually doesn't require any messing around with ovens and pressurized bladders, but for those who needed some tweaking--say, a more relaxed heel squeeze--this is a fantastic fitting tool when handled by a Fischer dealer with the right equipment for the job. Our tests of the Vacuum fitting system over the years have yielded very positive results, but as with any bootfitting modification, the skill of the fitter is at least as important as the implement or feature.

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  • “She's a big girl, but the curves are all where they should be and it's snug enough everywhere that counts. It has a very shock dampening, pillowy feel against the foot and leg.” -- Liz Elling
  • “The top two buckles have sliders on them which I really like for easily increasing the circumference for my thicker calf--it adds so much convenience. Surprisingly responsive and fun to ski.” -- Lee Ann Ross


  • “Feel for the snow is a little muted by the ultra comfy liner.” -- Liz Elling
  • “Real pinchy in the heel-Achilles zone. ” -- Emily Poore

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