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How did that song go, don't worry, be happy, or something like that? The Fischer RC4 130 MV BOA VAC GW perfectly embodies the gist of that tune, according to testers who said it was a no-hassle slam dunk for off the shelf fit and instant skiability in all-mountain conditions. The universally liked how easy the boot went on and closed up around the foot and leg in an intuitive fashion. The Boa reel did not impede entry they said, and the slender-footed testers said that it did a masterful job of tightening the lower boot around them without distorting either shape or flex feel. The consensus among testers was that the RC4 MV handled itself admirably in a variety of conditions, for a variety of foot and leg shapes and skiing styles.

The RC4 130 MV BOA VAC's biggest problem may have simply been that it was tested up against big brother RC4 Pro MV. That big, bad bird of prey essentially booted this fledgling out of the next with its 140 weight power and a Fischer factory ZipFit liner--so perhaps the test team's comparative analysis may have cast some shade unfairly on the 130 MV, as testers noted that the MV's stock liner, while dreamily draped around the foot, lacked a little heel and ankle hold and testers felt that it moved around inside the shell until it was properly heat molded (this, in direct contrast to the grip of the Pro's ZipFit liner). This extra movement in the boot's control center contributed to some lack of transmission to the edge for testers but they also found that after heat molding the foot-to-liner-to-shell connection was more direct.

Testers heaped praise on the RC4 130 MV BOA for its forgiving (almost universal) fit and similarly adaptable skiing character--everybody commented that it did everything asked, caused no trouble and inspired an easy going confidence no matter where they pointed it. Their favorite on board feature was the Boa closure on the lower boot but they also like the option of Vacuum fitting if needed, though few fit comments suggested much need for that. The revised cuff alignment inserts are solid and simple, but not included in the box. For those who go the 130 route and then wish they had that bird of prey level heel and ankle hold, the ZipFit liner is available as an aftermarket purchase through Fischer.

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  • “The medium width Fisher RC4 BOA 130 (no ZipFit liner) is just fine! There's nothing wrong with it and it's in line with most of the other excellent medium width boots this year. But, that said, once you try the Pro MV with the ZipFit liner it kinda throws this one under the bus.” -- Mark Elling
  • “Perfect medium fit. Not sure why you'd ever put a ZipFit liner in it--this Fischer stock liner fits perfectly! This boot f'n rips. One of the best fitting and skiing 100-last 130-flex boots on the wall. This category has just gotten better and better. No drop in performance in this MV when compared to the RC4 LV. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Skis fantastic! I'm a fan--great job Fischer.” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “BOA is a game changer--and skied better than expected. The BOA closes-down very well to a narrower foot in this MV without shell distortion.” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “It's an agreeable boot with an instantly comfortable out-of-the-box fit. ” -- Marc Stewart


  • “Way roomy in the heel and ankle--foot moves around a lot. Definitely not the quickest reacting boot in the test due to some of that fit slippage.” -- Jim Morris

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Valatie, NY
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