Dalbello Cabrio LV 130

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Testers liked Dalbello's new alpine-centric three-piece Cabrio LV 130 and called it a good step forward for their all-mountain range. Some of our test team's old-school 4-buckle overlap purists can be hard on a three-piece design newcomer but even those guys admitted that the Cabrio LV 130 could put a ski on edge and stand on it. Especially fond of the Cabrio LV's power and stability were some of our bigger, taller testers who really liked how far up the leg the spiral wrapping 3DensityWrapMax liner extended, providing a lot of leverage to the front of the ski and a securely upright starting point to their fore-aft position.

The spiral wrapping liner is a firm one, testers agreed, and several testers (especially the shorter guys) found it a bit abrupt at boot top. However, the out-of-box pre-molded shape was surprisingly good elsewhere in the lower leg, ankles and lower boot. A few testers conducted a variety of liner molding tests, both in a convection oven and on a hot stacks, and the consensus was that shin fit issues were hugely improved and even the stock, too-tall feel for some testers was reduced by cooking.

Testers generally agreed that the boot's power stemmed mostly from the tall, strong cuff but some thought that the lower boot wasn't as connected to the ski, and as such the boot's quickness scores lagged a bit behind its power grades. As always the three-piece shell combined with a spiral wrap liner added up to extremely easy entry and exit, which testers liked quite a bit. Testers liked the fact that the liner integrated recycled material into its construction. The "moss green" and black cosmetic paired with the muted grey liner didn't win any beauty pageants, but testers' pant cuffs managed that just fine.

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  • “Super easy on, super easy off, simple to buckle up--a good step forward for Dalbello's three-piece line-up. Cooking the liner made a huge improvement for shin fit and flex feel.” -- Mark Elling
  • “For an intuition liner it has a nice, shapely out-of-the-box fit. I'm sure it'll be amazing after a heat fitting. Statically, it flexed like a total brick but on snow it skied like a boot with quite a bit of progressiveness and rebound. I like that I didn't have to figure out where to ski these from or how they liked or needed to be skied. In a word, they're intuitive. Best of the cabrio bunch!” -- Marc Stewart
  • “It has a firm liner that holds ok, with good fit tension without pain. Most improved award goes to this boot--Dalbello did their homework and made some good adaptations that improved their alpine three-piece.” -- Jim Schaffner


  • “Although it skied just fine, there was a spot at the top of the cuff on my shin that was very uncomfortable.” -- Stacy Crumpler

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