Roxa R/Fit Pro W 105

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Testers agreed that the Roxa R/Fit Pro W 105 was one of the coolest looking boots of the test, and on top of that they liked its energetic, spring-loaded flex feel that enabled quick moves and a spritely feeling return to center every turn. One tester said this was the best Roxa overlap design she'd ever tested. They also appreciated the top-tier raft of features that they've come to expect from the category's best boots: dual cuff adjustment, dual liner pull loops and custom-moldable Ultralon ankle panels, GripWalk soles and a traditional polyurethane build.

Testers were also in agreement that the length fit is short--so much so that a couple testers suggested skiers size up. However, any time a model fits shorter or longer than the category average it opens fit doors for those skiers who chronically find themselves in between sizes. Testers said that there was a pretty firm hold-down over the toes and the midfoot, but more relaxed fit through the ankles, instep and calf. For the right shape profile, this could prove a fit match made in heaven, though testers said that it missed the average shape bullseye on initial fit. They mentioned that wear time improved the fit tension inconsistencies, so a liner heat molding should be in the cards on this one, they thought.

Power to the edge was substantial when positioned to push against the ski, according to testers who gave more props to the R/Fit Pro W's flexy-springy cuff energy that generated a lot of rebound pop and an agile, attacking fore-aft feel. Testers said that the rebound energy bordered on nervous, but for active skiers who can harness this whip it could be a source of all-mountain fun.

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  • “Very snug medium fit--short length and snug toebox. I love the liner, its very cozy and soft but still has a good stiffness to it. It has a very spring-like flex--it bounces you around a little but once you get the hang of the rebound it's a pretty fun boot to ski. ” -- Kori Coggin
  • “Good job Roxa! Excellent feel for the snow. Quick side to side. Not a racer's boot but good.” -- Liz Elling
  • “A narrow foot would like this boot. Power strap is sturdy and I love the dark teal color with coral buckle accent color! ” -- Linda Parazoo


  • “My toes are smashed and curled--maybe size up in this boot. It's a very bouncy feeling boot, it's hard to figure out. It feels overly responsive. ” -- Kori Coggin
  • “Snug and short for the typical medium width.” -- Liz Elling

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