Rossignol Hi-Speed Elite 130 Carbon LV GW

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Testers were unanimously excited about Rossignol's new Hi-Speed alpine boot line-up, especially its flagship narrow offering in the Hi-Speed Elite 130 Carbon LV GW (that's a mouthful). While our testers have liked the Rossi narrow of the past for its, well, mediumish comfort and convenience, they were curious to see what fit tension adaptation may have evolved with this latest generation for the brand. Testers say, first, it's tight like an LV should be. Second, they say it skis like, well, kinda like a Lange, its perennial boot test winning sister brand. Third, testers say it manages to retain its Rossi-ness in that it's still easy to get on, convenient to close up and adjust, all-day warm and supremely neutral of stance.

While Rossignol has avoided the gravitational pull of the lightweight boot game (thank you for that, Rossi, BTW), it does utilize a thicker lattice-work of plastic in critical transmission and stability areas of the shell, and in the carbon models like this one an additional structural element in the form of carbon fiber shards are injected with the plastic into the foundational lower part of the shell. The plastic elsewhere in the lower boot is slightly less reinforced to enhance shape-wrapping, ease of entry and yes, some minimal weight savings. The shell and cuff are both Dual Core constructions, utilizing a less-dense plastic sandwiched between higher density stuff, all within the thickness of the shell wall itself to create a snappier, more energetic transfer of movement from skier to ski. We have tested non Dual Core models against identical Dual Core ones in the past and can attest that it's not just marketing mumbo jumbo.

This year's new liner design was a hit with testers who applauded the seamless toebox for its comfort and newfound warmth and the ever-improving ankle pocket design which is more heat moldable than ever with a new, Rossi-branded liner cooking tool that helps heat up the liner's exterior in addition to its inner surfaces. Testers loved the snug but well-matched shape right off the test racks but appreciate the targeted molding options in the liner.

Stance and performance wise testers lodged nary a complaint. Out of 15 individual tests, seven perfect scores of 5.00 were filed for the boot's Dynamic Balance, eight perfect scores were logged for Edge Power and also eight perfect scores given for Quickness--the boot plain skis, testers said. In fact, the only boot in the narrow group of the All-Mountain Traditional category to outscore the Hi-Speed Elite 130 Carbon LV was its big brother Lange RX 130 LV, but only by a tenth--oh well, this is often the way it is with siblings.

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  • “The shell angles and boot board ramp worked very well. Carving trenches in all shapes of turns and at all speeds, no pun intended! Rossi is bringing an all-mountain performance boot that rivals the excellent properties of its sister brand Lange. Thank you Rossi test and development team! Your diligence and hard work is paying off.” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Has a great out-of-the-box fit with good attention to detail in classic problem areas. Falls easily into grip it and rip it category! I could tell on the first cat track toward a run that this was gonna be a mind blower! This is the most locked-on-a-rail boot that Rossignol has ever come with. If you have been in their Allspeed boots in the past do yourself a favor and find a Hi-Speed soon.” -- Erik Korman
  • “Great fit improvement for Rossignol's narrow last all-mountain model. This is the best Rossi narrow ever--fits anatomically snug, great balance, super strong to the edge, great stance, no flaws.” -- Mark Elling
  • “There is strength and precision in its power to the edge. These are dynamically responsive. Forward and lateral directive control is strongly defined. Easy entry and straightforward design for a performance boot. Simple and functional.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “True low-volume fit. They really fixed this boot's overall feel. Old Allspeeds were kind of roomy for the low-volume category. Skinny feet and legs will love the way this boot hugs them. Holy crap, everything this boot does it does well--very close to Lange RX 130 LV fit and performance. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Wow. Strong execution of an all-mountain boot. Power and precision in a comfortable package that won't eat you ankles like a plug boot.” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “Feels like an LV should. Tight. Let's rip! Good job Rossi. ” -- Dallas Goldsmith


  • “The only demerits are for how tight the heel and inside ankle bone fit. And the cosmetics are just a little boring.” -- Kevin Gabriel

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