Nordica Promachine 130

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Frankly nobody on the boot test team was very surprised to see that the Nordica Promachine 130 ended up as one of the top three gold medalists in the most competitive, All-Mountain performance category at the test. It has been there before (i.e. every time we've tested it) and it returns this year essentially unchanged. Neither could testers remember when, in the last decade, a four-buckle overlap narrow entered by Nordica didn't make it onto the podium. The brand touts the Promachine as a "more comfortable Dobermann," and our test team agrees. Our testers, while not shocked at its strong results, were surprised anew with the Promachine's level of fit contouring and cushion given its high performance demeanor.

Testers particularly like the way the cuff wraps the lower leg shaft and addresses the shin, with a snug touch on every square inch but without feeling restrictive or blocky in flex. The Promachine is well-padded, testers agreed, but without feeling bulky--it's a closely matched fit, without much wasted space. For as tight as the lower shell holds the foot, testers again were caught off guard by how little hot spot complaining was going on.

With a Quickness score of 4.94 and an Edge Power score of 4.83 (out of 5.00) averaged over 10 tests there is no questioning the Promachine's qualifications on snow. It skis as well as any boot we've tested in the narrow All-Mountain category--the question is really one of fitting into this truly narrow 98 mm performer. We'd suggest you try. The polyurethane shell wall is thinned enough in common stretch zones for making defined modifications where needed without distorting the shape elsewhere. However, if a life-altering project isn't in your future, you could make your life easy by checking out the medium Speedmachine or wide lasted Sportmachine. We tested both of those too this year and they're as good as they've ever been.

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  • “Locked and loaded. I didn't notice anything with this boot, just skied--that is a good thing at a boot test. I was looking for something wrong but noticed nothing. I was not thinking about my foot, just skiing. Great boot. Nordica nailed it with this one. ” -- Stacy Crumpler
  • “Low volume boot for sure. Snapping and solid on snow. I'd own a pair. ” -- Dallas Goldsmith
  • “Classic pro last 98mm performance fit. Good, firm, grippy fit all over. Fit remains consistent while skiing, no new movement. The fore/aft positioning was perfect, though it felt a bit strong off the sole cant. Super quick edge to edge with all the right stuff for a performance four-buckle overlap. Excellent choice for good all-mountain skiers that have the skills to rail a powerful turn. ” -- Jim Schaffner
  • “Nordica did everything right on this one--even the liner, it fits like a baby fur seal's fur. If I didn't already ski a RS 130 Lange, I'd be skiing the Pro Machine 130 Nordica. Best of test. ” -- Jack Rafferty
  • “I really like the upper boot fit--wrapped the front of the shin, both sides of the lower leg and the calf too. This one has a really positive vibe. Fits great--feels like a ski boot should. Combined with the close fitting leverage of the cuff, the lower boot is laterally strong and allows for strong edging over hard snow. ” -- Mike Evans
  • “Stiff flex, but the tongue cushions it well.” -- Scott Blackwell
  • “Nordica nails the fit. It's snug but still somehow cushy. Solid. Always feels balanced and engaged. Predictability is a huge part of balance--expecting it to be there--and it's perfect. Incredible edge power. It begs to be pushed. Race car quick and the steering is predictable and precise--a rare combo. Not sure how some companies are able to do this but you have monster truck power with the precision and feel of a race car at the same time the comfort of a Lincoln town car and the ease of getting on and off of a rear entry boot--all the best qualities in a ski boot are present here. ” -- Kevin Gabriel
  • “Pro machine fits like a narrow boot should: just a touch of room in the toebox and tight everywhere else (but well shaped and no hotspots at all). Super balanced and ready to rip. ” -- Mark Elling
  • “Very well-designed, low-volume shape. Lean and snug with contours properly configured for the common collision spots of the foot. A homerun for this category and fit. Sensitive and strong to the edge. The boot has a keen awareness and feel for edge angle. ” -- Bob Gleason


  • “It's a little cold.” -- Mike Evans
  • “These are not the warmest boots of the category.” -- Bob Gleason

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