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The women's test team has a love-hate relationship with the RX 110 W LV. They love it for how well it fits the low volume foot and leg and they love it for how well they ski in it--in every snow condition, in any radius and at any speed. They hate it for how it makes their own boots feel suddenly inferior and forces the issue of considering a brand switch from their daily driver. These are good problems to have, no doubt, but it's true that no other brand and model receives more comments about a tester "making her best turns of the season" while on a test run. That's saying something considering that this is an out-of-the-box testing scenario.

The revised (last year) liner tongue construction continues to impress our team for how comfortably it contours along the shin bone in a properly padded match that handles flexion like a champ, distributing pressure throughout the flex range without biting or folding over. The gas-filled foam cells of the tongue's construction also generate noticeable energy and snap, which testers said bumped up its performance scores--the RX LV received near-perfect 4.90's for Dynamic Balance, Edge Power and Quickness.

Yes, the iridescent green is a hit with the test team, but they really like the simplicity of a mono-injected shell and cuff made of Dual Core polyurethane plastic up and down and a features set that is both minimal and useful. They do admit there's some creature comfort to the slightly furry liner but just enough, safely staying away from the frilly and superfluous. Testers said that the single liner tongue loop, single lateral cuff adjustment and GripWalk soles finished off the boot in sophisticated but functional fashion.

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  • “Comfortable and powerful--has a great stance, stacks you up!” -- Liz Elling
  • “Noticeable cupping of the ankle bones in liner. Navicular and medial, "waist" side of foot feels really held. Achilles hold is extra firm. The RX LV gives you the firm handshake an expert skier is looking for, but with a gentle softness to the end feel. It's not a boot I want to apres in, it's for skiing! ” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “First impression: I knew from the indoor dry test that this boot would be a winner! Easy to slide the foot into this one, with no pinching. It's comfy enough walking around indoors to keep it on for apres ski! It's snappy on and off the edge, so quick. This boot does it all! ” -- Linda Parazoo
  • “An ex racer's dream! Tight, built for performance. It's dead sexy! Slightly cushy but not too much--a tight hug for my foot. Instep, navicular and inside ankle are tight! Anatomical fit is like a race boot but with room for toes to wiggle. Kept me in the money position, easily found and flexed the front of the ski. Locked and loaded. Tons of holding power, excellent energy transfer. The best I've skied this season. So quick to the new edge, I just thought about making a new turn and I was already there. ” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Great spring out of the turn. I like the lively feel and hoppy transitions between turns. I love how the tongue is so nice and soft but simultaneously strong. ” -- Kori Coggin
  • “Great low volume fit and feel with a Thinsulate liner!” -- Emily Poore


  • “Given how tight it fit elsewhere, it's a little vacant in the toebox from floor to ceiling. And the super tight heel fit may be a bit much for some at the start.” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “My Achilles is in a vice. ” -- Kori Coggin

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Stowe, VT
Telluride, CO
Breckenridge, CO
Warren, VT
Portland, OR

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