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This year's Head Formula 105 W returns to the boot test with an unchanged exterior build but it sports an all-new liner and testers gave the upgrade two thumbs up for the huge improvement it brought over last year's fit. Our test team unanimously praised the Formula's neutral stance set-up and well-balanced combination of power and quickness packaged in a silky warm embrace. This year's medium width Formula W stepped up into high scoring gold medal status, and nudged a couple perennial 100 mm category benchmarks out of the way to do so.

The Formula construction is made to ski--its shape is modeled after the new and narrower Raptor WCR also released last year, and also parallels its construction in both materials and angles. The grippy soles and more luxurious liner are really the only thing that differentiates the two boots other than width, so it's not a surprise that our testers said the boot was powerful, stable and reactive to inputs from the skier. Testers for the most part loved the flex feel and felt the 105 was stronger than expected. The stance set-up was without flaw they said, neutral in every respect and easy to access for any good skiing move desired. Testers looking for something slotted right between the Raptor and the Formula are in luck--the Formula RS (tested and loved last year) fits into the 98mm middle ground in Head's range.

Where did the Formula 105 W fall short for our test team? They only had a couple gripes--speaking of short, testers agree that the cuff feel is slightly low on the leg, which was a point of consternation for our long and slender-legged testers but suited our shorter skiers quite well--and it might be just the ticket for the thicker legged skier who doesn't want a tall boot jabbing the calf (and speaking of calf fit, it's roomy for a medium width testers said, which they said should put this model on any good skier's watch-list if they've had issues with an uncomfortable calf). A few testers had issues with the new liner's tongue feel, which clipped them over the top of the foot and had a somewhat sharp feel against the shin. This wasn't a universal complaint, and conversations with Head revealed that a liner 3.0 is in the works for the boot's final release this season, which may likely put those complaints to bed. The testers who had those issues noticed them right off the bat, so if you don't have a problem on initial fit you're golden, they said. They also noted that with some warm-up and on-hill testing, the liner softened up and improved.

Formula features are functional: upper cuff adjustment (lateral), forward lean spoiler (removable), boot top calf adjustment, Form Fit oven-cook moldable shell and Liquid Fit injectable liner. Note that testers mention that the heel pocket is snug right out of the box, so for the chronically loose-of-heel but otherwise mediumish-of-fit, this is a good start with the additional insurance of a Liquid Fit squirt mission. GripWalk soles continue to gain traction with our team.


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  • “Great boot. Excellent stance and balance. Quick edge to edge. Molded with your foot the longer you had it on--comfy toebox. ” -- Liz Elling
  • “Roomy forefoot, really tight ankle-cankle area, roomy calf--the Liquid Fit liner is cool. The forefoot feel is great. ” -- Emily Poore
  • “Well, this is a step in the right direction. Head is getting back to a really consistent anatomical shape. Great heel taper and cradling. The forefoot parabola will work for most skiers and the traditional plastic will move easily with a stretch, as needed. Great and even midfoot feeling. It's probably not for a super high instep, but for that average, neutral foot shape, this works well. ” -- Sam Tischendorf
  • “Feels sleek and silky in the liner and sneaky tight in the heel. Love the flex progression, very consistent and smooth--I love the colors, too! Super fun to ski--lively, energized. Fun fun fun! Vroom vroom! Sassy boot, will rise to the occasion if you put it to work. ” -- Megen Johnson
  • “Stance feels natural, balanced, I wasn't forced into a strange position. My feet were in a happy place, able to ski all conditions with confidence. The extended toe box shape adds more wiggle room for warm toes. Liquid fit and rear spoiler are great, simple options for customizing this boot. ” -- Linda Parazoo
  • “Solid fitting medium through the whole boot except the toe box and calf had a wider fit in those areas. Great for an average fit that has a muscular calf and likes extra toe room. Or is maybe between sizes and could drop down a size with some bootfitting for extra length. I really like the shape of this boot. I think for a woman with a muscular calf that needs some accommodation but doesn't want to jeopardize support in the ankle and instep by going to a wide boot, it's perfect. ” -- Kori Coggin


  • “The tongue was a little sharp over the instep and at the top of the tongue but it sounds like some liner updates will be made before this coming winter.” -- Liz Elling
  • “I think Head is trying to murder my shin--hits unbearably hard above instep and at the top of the cuff. ” -- Emily Poore
  • “Only complaint for me is the short cuff height--perfect for someone 5'4"-ish. ” -- Megen Johnson

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