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The 2020/2021 Roxa R/Fit 130 IR is reviewed in the men's All-Mountain Traditional wide category based on tests at Silver Mountain Resort & Mt. Bachelor Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit Media.


The Gist

A lightweight, roomy, comfy, easy-on, go-everywhere, do-everything, what else could you want kinda boot is how testers described the new R/Fit 130 IR. Roxa took last year’s 120, juiced up the horsepower a notch and threw in a full-thermo Intuition liner for a more personalized (and more open) fit. Testers said that without molding it’s on the snug side of the wide group, but they loved the evenly anatomical contours and just enough grip on the heel and ankle. They said the flex feel is progressive and strong but still cushioned just enough against the shin. They dig the rip cord style quick-release on the cam buckle power strap that’s going viral this year (no pun intended).

The Fit

The Intuition Roxa (IR) full-thermo liner gives the initial fit a very cushioned feel and should morph into a more contained fit, post molding. Testers also noticed a little shearing of the liner inside the shell during flexion that should lock-out after molding to the interior shell shape and skier's foot. That said, testers like the 102mm fit, which they say initially feels to run to the snug side of the widebody traditional group. Enough room for the average to wide foot but not a bucket to house the meatiest of high volume hoofs. The flex feel is a legit 130 indoors at room temperature and testers liked the even, progressive feel of the flex upon the shin. The Grilamid cuff feels thin and crispy-edgy to the hand on buckle-up but testers said the flex feel once buckled was solid and damp.


Based on testers' experience with 120-flex version of the R/Fit last year, they expect big improvements. Their only real complaints last year were a slightly collapsing flex under heavy hits in rugged terrain and a too-open heel pocket, even for a wide ride. The step up to a 130 flex fits the bill for testers who skied the 120 flex last year and wanted a little more fore-aft backbone and torque at the top of the turn.

Cool Features

The R/Fit series is a straightforward line up--four buckle overlaps with traditional tongue liners, and our testers like that just fine. The boot comes mounted with GripWalk soles and both a set of alpine DIN soles and a set of groovy-looking Velcro rear spoilers come in the box for a more forward leaning stance. the quick-release pull tab on the cam lock power strap is awesome but we have to give props to Dynafit who did it first, before K2 last year and Roxa this season--imitation is the purest form of flattery, and it's obviously not patented. So, good for us!

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  • “This is the best fitting Roxa boot I've tested. Easy on and off for a 130 flex with a great, cushioned feel against the shin for a stout 130 flex. Open enough for high volume feet without feeling sloppy.” -- Mark Elling

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